Norwegian black metal!

The Retrun of Black Death Antestor-The Return of Black Death (Cacophonous) 1998

1. "Vinterferden" (1:21)
2. "A Sovereign Fortress" (4:54)
3. "Svartedauens Gienkomst" (4:41)
4. "Sorg" (6:13)
5. "The Bridge of Death" (5:30)
6. "Gamlandandet" (6:14)
7. "Kilden ñ Lik En Endlos Elv" (6:23)
8. "Kongsblod" (5:49)
9. "Battlefield" (5:58)
10. "Ancient Prophecy" (8:00)
11. "Ildnatten" (2:04)

I must just be getting old because most of the newer forms of metal are unappealing to me. Antestor are from Norway and play modern black metal. Their look is that of Kiss after being caught in a severe rainstorm. (Corpse paint) Their music is like death metal played at the wrong speed, with some keyboards thrown in to add some melody. If you mixed Alvin from the Chipmunks with Cookie Monster, I'm sure he would sound much like these black metal vocalists. All this being said, there are times when I pull this disc out and am enthralled by the mix of violent metal with the majestic melodies of Norwegian folk and classical music. I guess it could be said that while Antestor stand on their own, they are following in the footsteps of fellow Norwegian black metallers Emporer. I am holding onto this disc as I am told it went out of print almost as quickly as it went into print. Cacaphonous, a label rooted in sincerely Satanic philosophies finding out after the album was released that Antestor's lyrics were rooted in Christian faith rather than hatred towards all things Christian. Who could tell?

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