An early incarnation of the Galactic Cowboys featuring Monty Colvin (bass/vocals) and Alan Doss (drums/vocals).

the Awful Truth The Awful Truth (Metal Blade/Enigma)

1. "It Takes So Long" (5:46)
2. "Circle" (5:18)
3. "I Should Have Known" (7:32)
4. "Higher" (7:17)
5. "Ghost in Heaven" (4:41)
6. "No Good Reason" (6:16)
7. "Drowning Man" (5:56)
8. "Mary" (5:31)

With two of the main writers from the Galactic Cowboys and Sam Taylor producing (who also produced King's X), this sounds like an infantile version of the Galactic Cowboys. Guitarist David Von Ohlerking actually has most of the writing credits, but this doesn't change the fact that this disc has that Houston, TX sound that is inbred in bands like King's X, Atomic Opera, and Galactic Cowboys.

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