Broken Silence

Discerning the Times Broken Silence-Discerning the Times (Alfa)

1. "Streets of the Empty Soul" (4:03)
2. "Higher" (3:30)
3. "Not Love At All (It's My Heart)" (4:58)
4. "Naked" (5:07)
5. "Ready to Go" (4:43)
6. "Free" (3:59)
7. "Innocent Kill" (3:35)
8. "Break the Silence" (4:24)
9. "Seasons" (4:12)
10. "Hard Times" (3:26)
11. "Follow the Leader" (4:31)
12. "If I Love" (4:04)
13. "Broken Crowns" (4:23)

Broken Silence are one of the greatest melodic metal bands that you have never heard. Every song has a killer hook, jaw dropping guitar solo, and phenomenal vocals. I wonder why these guys never broke in America. "Discerning the Times" was produced by David Zaffiro, former Bloodgood guitarist/Holy Soldier producer. I originally bought an ep-cd, also called "Discerning the Times," by this band many years ago. When I found this Japanese full length album, I sold the ep and snatched up this 13 song jem.

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