Heartwork Carcass-Heartwork (Columbia)

1. "Buried Dreams" (3:58)
2. "Carnal Forge" (3:55)
3. "No Love Lost" (3:22)
4. "Heartwork" (4:33)
5. "Embodiment" (5:36)
6. "The Mortal Coil" (3:49)
7. "Arbeit Macht Coil" (4:21)
8. "Blind Bleeding the Blind" (4:57)
9. "Doctrinal Expletives" (3:39)
10. "Death Certificate" (3:39)

I suppose most people would lable this death metal, but the music is so much more complex and even melodic than most of the garbage labeled death metal. Carcass' "Heartwork" is simply a musical masterpeice! Every riff, every solo, even the death vocals just work so well together making it one of the few death metal albums in my collection that gets plenty of play time. For
some reason it reminds me slightly of Sepultura's "Chaos A.D." It's not so much that they sound alike, but the complexity and the way they both make me want to spontaneously band my head is probably why the two discs remind me of each other.

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