David Lee Roth

Eat 'Em and Smile
David Lee Roth-Eat 'Em and Smile
(Warner Bros.) 1986

1. "Yankee Rose" (3:47) 
2. "Shy Boy" (3:23) 
3. "I'm Easy" (2:03)  
4. "Ladies' Nite in Buffalo?" (4:08)  
5. "Goin' Crazy!" (3:21)  
6. "Tobacco Road" (2:27)  
7. "Elephant Gun" (2:23)  
8. "Big Trouble" (3:56)  
9. "Bump and Grind" (2:42)  
10. "That's Life" (2:29)

Never been a big Van Halen fan, although I really like their debut album and I could always respect the musicianship of the band and the charisma of David Lee Roth. I absolutely hated David's first solo outing ("Crazy from the Sun"), a ridiculous comedy send up full of show tunes and show off rock star nonsense. I guess David realized that this wouldn't keep him in the lime light long either, so he decided to become Van Halen II. David hired guitarist Steve Vai, bassist Billy Sheehan, and drummer Gregg Bisonette, all veteran musicians and well known names for this disc. . .and what a disc it is. Without a doubt, "Eat 'Em and Smile" is Roth's greatest solo album as it contains the most solid songs and the least lounge pieces. I was fortunate enough to see this line-up at the War Memorial Auditorium in Rochester, NY. They put on quite a performance. Too bad it was short lived as David and his ego decided he was better suited for red velvet and lounge tunes.

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