Bootlicker Deathrow-Deception Ignored (Noise) 1988

1. "Events in Concealment" (5:32)
2. "The Deathwish" (4:28)
3. "Triocton" -instrumental (8:11)
4. "N.L.Y.H." (3:12)
5. "Watching the World" (4:51)
6. "Narcotic" (9:21)
7. "Machinery" (7:03)
8. "Bureaucrazy" (4:19)

To be very honest, I had never heard of this band before obtaining this disc, so I did a little research on them. "Deception Ignored" is their third album. Apparently their first two albums are in the style of early Slayer­noisy, German thrash typical of bands like Iron Angel, Kreator, and Destruction. This was a time in the late 80's when speed, aggression and attitude were more important than musicianship and songwriting. This album, on the other hand, sounds nothing like those descriptions. "Deception Ignored" moves the band into more progressive, technical and structured thrash metal that became the standard for the early 90's. Since this release came out in early '88, I suppose that would make Deathrow one of the originators of the style, rather than a follower. The epic length instrumental in this disc is fabulous, showing off both the band's incredible musicianship as well as their talent at songcraft. After this disc the band released a final album called 'Life Beyond.' Apparently on their last effort the band stepped it up yet another notch but with little backing from their label and poor sales, the band broke up. Too bad because 'Deception Ignored' is top notch German thrash metal. It's a shame they didn't become more well know, for who knows what they could have been capable of in the future. Judging from this release, they could have been quite influencial in a scene that was only just beginning to explode in 1988. N.L.Y.H. stands for Never Loose Your Humor.

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