Revive & Rebuke Discern-Revive & Rebuke

1. "Revival" (2:25)
2. "No Condemnation" (4:15)
3. "Love" (2:11)
4. "Rebuke the Church" (3:13)
5. "Jasper" -instumental (1:26)
6. "Parallel the Righteous" (4:07)
7. "Fallen Miserably" (1:18)
8. "Outro" (1:49)

Catchy death metal that has all the elements that are essential to death metal, i.e. growls, blast beats, down tuned guitars. What they also have, however, are a sense of melody and they know how to write some catchy rhythms. A couple songs mix in some blues guitar parts as well. Coolest part of the disc, however, is the "Outro" which includes a portion of Kiss' "She."

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