Ethereal Scourge
Ethereal Scourge are a melodic death metal band from Australia.

Judgement & Restoration Ethereal Scourge-Judgement & Restoration (Rowe Prod.)

1. "Through the Waters" (6:05)
2. "Warcry" (3:45)
3. "Refuge" (5:54)
4. "Estranged from the Womb" (3:18)
5. "Shroud of Mist" -instrumental (:28)
6. "Earthshaker" (5:27)
7. "Hecatombs" (3:10)
8. "Restoration" (4:53)
9. "Quiet Surround" (4:44)
10. "Subconscious" -instrumental (2:55)
11. "Giver of Life" (2:51)

I would describe this bandís music as beautiful. Iím sure, since Ethereal Scourge are usually classified as death metal, that beautiful is not a description most people would use, so perhaps majestic is a better word. Sure, the vocals a growly, but still understandable. The music is heavy and aggressive yet somehow very melodic and flowing. This is an absolutely outstanding cd. If I had to find a comparison, the closest thing would probably be Amorphis' "Tales of a Thousand Lakes."

One annoying thing about this disc, however, is at the end of the acoustic interlude "Subconscious" there is a full minute of silence. I'm not sure whether this was intentional or a mastering mistake, but it's still annoying.

From what I have been told this band was dropped from their label for not fulfilling touring obligations but they are still together.

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