Guitarist and band mastermind Nuno Bettencourt's style was derived from the progressive rock of Queen, but he added touches of pop, jazz, and heavy metal making their music hard to classify. Lead vocalist Gary Cherone eventually joined Van Halen.

Pornographiti Extreme- Extreme II: Pornograffitti (A&M)

1.   "Decadence Dance" (6:49)
2.   "Li'l Jack Horny" (4:52)
3.   "When I'm President" (4:22)
4.   "Get the Funk Out" (4:24)
5.   "More Than Words" (5:34)
6.   "Homey (In God We Trust)" (4:11)
7.   "It ('s A Monter)" (4:25)
8.   "Pornograffitti" (6:16)
9.   "When I First Kissed You" (4:00)
10. "Suzie (Wants Her All Day What?)" (3:39)
11. "He Man Woman Hater" (6:19)
12. "Song for Love" (5:55)
13. "Hole Hearted" (3:39)

Pornographiti is Extreme's second album and is a concept album based around the struggle to find genuine love in a sleazy, decadent society. The music is excellent; experimental, well-executed and displaying a good mizture of progressive and commercial elements. Nuno Bettencourt is a phenomenal guitarist. Unfortunately this album, and perhaps this band, will always be best known for the two acoustic-guitar-only hits, the number one ballad "More Than Words" and the full-band song "Hole Hearted." However, these two songs do not represent the musical experimentation and technicallity that is displayed on "Pornographiti."

III Sides to Every STory Extreme- III Sides to Every Story (A&M)

1.   "Warheads" (5:18)
2.   "Rest in Peace" (6:02)
3.   "Politicalamity" (5:04)
4.   "Color Me Blind" (5:01)
5.   "Cupid's Dead" (5:56)
6.   "Peacemaker Die" (6:03)
7.   "Seven Sundays" (4:18)
8.   "Tragic Cimic" (4:45)
9.   "Our Father" (4:02)
10. "Stop the World" (5:58)
11. "God Isn't Dead?" (2:02)
& the TRUTH
"Everything Under the Sun"
12.   "I Rise 'N Shine" (6:23)
13.   "II Am I Ever Gonna Change" (6:57)
14.   "III Who Cares?" (8:19)

Another concept album, this one broken into three "sides of the story" - "Yours," "Mine," "The Truth". While this album has it's share of commercial hard rock numbers, "III Sides" is more of a progressive rock album than a commercial rock or arena rock album. The album sports some fine songs: "Rest In Peace" displays both Bettencourt's technique and melodicism as a soloist, "Stop the World," a Queen-inspired melodic rocker, and the hook-laden "Warheads."

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