Frequently Asked Questions

I'm actually amazed at how much email this little page dedicated to my music hobby has generated. I don't mind one bit all the mail, nor do I mind interacting with those who visit my site. I actually quite enjoy the communication I have had with several people. In any case, after a year on the board, there seems to be some very similar questions being asked so I thought I would just answer those on this page instead of each individual email.

Do you really own all the cds on your web page?

Yes, if you see it on my page, then I own it. All my discs are original 'silver' cds, unless otherwise noted.

How come you don't have (fill in the blank) in your collection? (THE most asked question I get.)

See my "Want" list for items that I "want" but either have not found or just haven't gotten around to getting yet. There are way too many cds and I have too little money and/or time. (In most cases, it's just money)

As for the bands not on my want list, well I am not opposed to people sending me gifts. (-:

There are thousands of bands I have not heard yet or don't even know yet. Please feel free to email me with suggestions. Most people seem to have an idea of my taste after perusing my site for a while. I have been introduced to several new bands from people who have written me. Thanks.

How come you don't have (fill in the blank) in your collection?

Yes, I know I already answered this question but there are two possible answers. There are several bands I have heard of and am familiar with but just don't like, thus I won't be including them since this is my personal cd collection and not an all inclusive site like AMG. One such band would be VENOM. I have nothing against them personally, nor do I deny that they are a valid and even a very influential metal band, they are just not to my liking so I don't buy their cds.

How come you have (fill in the blank) in your collection? Don't you know that they (insert the words: "suck,"
"are Satanic," "are posers" or "aren't metal.")

The answer to this one is simple, this is MY cd collection, not yours. (-: You don't like a certain band, don't listen to them, that is what I do.

As for the Christians who listen to only Christian bands and feel others should do the same; I respect your OPINION, but it is not mine.

As for those who feel that metal and Christianity cannot possibly coexist, I once again reply, this is your OPINION, it is not mine. Fact is heavy metal is a form of expression, so anyone can express themselves through metal regardless of what they believe or how they live.

I simply refuse to get in fighting matches with people expressing any of the above opinions, although feel free to email me if you'd like to express your opinion.

I want to buy a cd by (fill in the blank), which is your favorite?

Another very common question I have been asked. Of course I can't answer this one here, but chances are you can see which ones I like by just reading my comments on the individual band pages. Feel free to email me too. I certainly don't mind answering this question.

Hi, can I buy your copy of (fill in the blank)?

No. I am not selling any of my cds, unless you see it one my trade page.

Please! Can I buy (fill in the blank). I've been searching since birth for (fill in the blank).

Uh, the answer is still NO. Sorry.

Can you make me a CDR copy of (fill in the blank)?

Possibly. I do not have my own cdr burner so it becomes a bit of a pain. I only trade CDs that are generally impossible to buy. I really see no reason to make CDR copies of discs that are readily available, first of all it's stealing and second I have spent a great deal of time and money on my CD collection. I see no reason why others should not do the same.

Can you make me a MP3 copy of (fill in the blank)?

NO MP3 TRADES, sorry! At least, not until I can afford DSL or cable.

Can I borrow you copy of (fill in the blank)? I promise I will return it.

Uh, this one just makes me laugh. I've only had it asked once but to avoid further mails regarding this question the
answer is NO!

Where can I find a copy of (fill in the blank)?

This is a VERY common question. I buy a lot of my cds from stores around where I live, thus telling you where
would probably do you little good. I also do a lot of trading with people I have met over the net. However, I also do
a lot of trading on the PM board. Check it out at:

I also buy from several sites and will list the ones I use more often here until I can get my LINKS page up. In general, these are the places I have bought from on-line with little or no problems whatsoever.

The End Records
Century Media
Metal Blade

also, check with this guy, He has been able to hook me up with some very hard to find stuff.

Hey, I have a cool webpage! Can you link to it?

Possibly, in the future when I get around to making a LINKS section. Feel free to put a link to mine if you would like. Thanks.

Can you make a separate page just for the Christian bands?

No kidding, I actually have had this question asked several times! The answer is NO! Metal is metal and music is music. I don't really care for the label put on bands who may sing of their faith in Christ. The fact is, I do own a lot of what is labeled Christian metal and I myself am a Christian, but I do not buy into the idea that only Christian metal has anything valid to say. I even hate the fact that they put bands like Mortification and Ultimatum in the "Christian" section of the cd stores. "Christian" is not a music style. If it were we would need a Satanic section for King Diamond and yet another section for the Cro-Mags. Shoot why not break it down even further and have sections for different denominations of Christianity. We could have the Catholic section and the Protestant section. It's ridiculous. Besides, what do you do with bands like Mass, King's X, U2, Trouble, or Galactic Cowboys who have lyrics that can be interpreted as Christian, but are not necessarily Christian?

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