An '80s British hard-rock/heavy metal band originally formed by ex-Motorhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke and UFO bassist
Pete Way, thus the name FAST-WAY. Unfortunately Pete left before the first recording, at the time thinking he was going to
become a permanent part of Ozzy Osbourne. Fastway also featured ex-Humble Pie drummer, Jerry Shirley and a young singer, David King.

Fastway Fastway (Columbia) 1983

1. "Easy Living" (2:48)
2. "Feel Me, Touch Me (Do Anything You Want)" (3:28)
3. "All I Need Is Your Love" (2:33)
4. "Another Day" (4:42)
5. "Heft!" (5:39)
6. "We Become One" (3:59)
7. "Give It All You Got" (3:02)
8. "Say What You Will" (3:21)
9. "You Got Me Runnin'" (3:05)
10. "Give It Some Action" (4:12)
11. "Far Far from Home" (5:30)

Excellent debut album from Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke. Add to the mix the soulful singing and harmonica playing of David King and you've got a monster album. King at times sounds very close to Robert Plant, but I would not label him a clone. His voice fits perfectly the bluesy heavy metal and boogie that Fastway pumps out. This particular album spawned two singles, "Easy Living" and the song with the simplest bass riff ever written "Say What You Will." The fact is though, that the whole disc is quite contagious. When I owned this on vinyl, I wore the grooves off it. Thank God for compact discs!

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