Hallows Eve

Tales of Terror Hallows Eve-Tales of Terror (Metal Blade) 1984

1."Plunging to Megadeath" (4:54)
2."Outer Limits" (3:46)
3."Horrorshow" (2:28)
4."The Mansion" (3:05)
5."There Are No Rules" (1:43)
6."Valley of the Dolls"-instrumental (1:07)
7."Metal Merchants" (3:20)
8."Hallow's Eve" (including Routine) (8:05)

Over the top, 1980's early thrash metal mixing in equal parts Exciter, Raven and 'Kill 'Em All'. Lots of speed, loads of adrenaline, shock and horror filled lyrics, manic guitar solos that are never worried about being in key, and an attitude that has been lost ever since those early days of an exploding metal scene. Decent recording for 1984 with Brian Slagel behind the board, but typically bad early 80's Metal Blade cover art. Found this cd re-issue used for $4.99.

Death & Insanity Hallows Eve-Death and Insanity (Metal Blade) 1988

1. "Death and Insanity" (2:18)
2. "Goblet of Gore" (5:46)
3. "Lethal Tendencies" (6:35)
4. "Obituary" -instrumental (0:38)
5. "Plea of the Aged" (3:20)
6. "Suicide" (1:17)
7. "D.I.E. (Death in Effect)" (6:58)
8. "Attack of the Iguana" -instrumental (2:30)
9. "Nefarious" (5:02)
10. "Nobody Lives Forever" (3:42)
11. "Death and Insanity (reprise)" (1:56)

A classic speed/thrash album, albeit one with rather silly lyrics focusing on horror, death, burning in hell and other such themes to shock their listeners. Tales from the Crypt put to music. I was driving one day listening to this and I began to laugh as I couldn't even keep count of the amount of times I heard the word 'death.' Pretty funny, while at the same time being rather annoying. Still the music and vocal melodies (if you can call them that) are infectious; either that or I just played this darn thing so much when I was a teen that it's permanently engraved in my head. Seriously though, some of the guitar riffs and grooves on this disc are quite catchy. These guys put out one more disc after this one and disappeared into obscurity.

A tidbit of trivia: The movie Pacific Heights with Michael Keaton as the tenant from hell featured the song "Lethal Tendencies."

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