Leftoverture Kansas-Leftoverture
(Kirshner) 1976

1."Carry On Wayward Son" (5:22)
2."The Wall" (4:49)
3."What's on my Mind" (3:28)
4."Miracles out of Nowhere" (6:27)
5."Opus Insert" (4:27)
6."Questions of my Childhood" (3:36)
7."Cheyenne Anthem" (6:52)
8."Magnum Opus" (8:27)

a. Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat
b. Howling at the Moon
c. Man Overboard
d. Industry on Parade
e. Release the Beavers
f. Gnat Attack

"Leftoverture" is one of Kansas' best known albumsfor the signature song "Carry On Wayward Son." To be quite honest, I was never a huge Kansas fan although I always respected Kerry Livegrin for both his songwriting talents and his excellent lyrics. Anyhow, this album I have like for a long time. Excellent progressive rock album with some really excellent musicianship.

"Carry On Wayward Son" has been covered by Yngwie Malmsteen, by Dream Theater (as part of a medley on "A Change of Seasons") and by the all girl band Rachel, Rachel.

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