Kerry Livgren
Former Kansas guitarist/songwriter.

Seeds of Change Kerry Livgren-Seeds of Change (Kirshner/Sony) 1980

1. "Just One Way" (5:45)
2. "Mask of the Great Deceiver" (7:34)
3. "How Can You Live" (4:12)
4. "Whiskey Seed" (5:33)
5. "To Live for the King" (4:56)
6. "Down to the Core" (5:18)
7. "Ground Zero" (8:33)
8. "Interview With Kerry Livgren" (21:24)

This was Kerry's first solo album after departing from Kansas in 1980. Most knew that some of the members of Kansas were Christians already, but Kerry makes it absolutely clear on this solo effort. What made this disc interesting for me is that Ronnie James Dio sings lead vocals on two tracks ('Mask of the Great Deceiver' & 'To Live for the King'). Dio has a phenomenal voice and proves on this disc that he is capable of singing more than just heavy metal. The entire disc is a good listen however. On his first solo album, Kerry didn't stray to far from what one might expect from Kansas. I did not even know that this album was ever released on CD, but I found this disc used in mint condition for $5.99.

On vinyl:
Time Line Kerry Livgren AD-Time Line

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