Khollapse Kohllapse

1. "Path" -instrumental (1:27)
2. "Tell Me Your Fears" (10:36)
3. "Never" (7:12)
4. "Towards" -instrumental (1:03)
5. "Take Me Away" (4:09)
6. "My Child" (4:49)
7. "An End to Pain" (2:29)
8. "Self Infliction" (7:55)
9. "Serenity" (4:11)

I suppose the label would be doom metal, but Australia's Kohllapse have a lot of dynamics to their music. When I think of doom metal I tend to think Trouble, but Khollapse are not as groovy and retro as Trouble. They create a more somber mood and remind me slightly of Paradise Lost's "Draconian Times." The slow doomy parts mixed with some of the clean, acoustic parts and the overall slow drudge of the music is just fabulous. I'm not even sure what words to use to describe the music on this disc. Certain music just moves me, and this is one of those discs that does. There is one exception to the overall picture that I have painted, however. Track 7 ""An End To Pain" is a light speed black metal number complete with those high pitched Emporer howls. Sort of breaks things up a bit. This is one of the best indie releases I have ever heard. I am surprised that this one was never picked up by Nuclear Blast or Massacre for release in Europe, although I have seen it for sale in their catalogues.

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