Lick It Up

Kiss appeared without make-up officially for the first time for the general public on MTV on Sept 1983 at 11:00 PM after a Van Halen documentary rerun, where their 'Lick it Up' video was also premiered. Apparently at the time MTV felt that KISS was no longer relevant. Little did they know...

A caption in a 1983 issue of Cream Magazine under the first officially released photo of Kiss without makeup stated, "AT LAST! KISS without their makeup on! OR: If we don't care, why should you?"

Rick Derringer played the lead guitar parts on 'Exciter.' Derringer also appeared on the KISS track, 'All-American Man' from Alive II.

Lick It Up' reached # 24 on Billboard's album chart--their highest since 1979's 'Dynasty.'

Vinnie Vincent, who was very unhappy being a member of KISS, believing that the band was holding him back. He would often run his solos overtime during concerts to tick off Paul and Gene in hope that the fans' positive response to his solos would show the reigning members of KISS what they were missing. By mid-March 1984, Vinnie Vincent was out of KISS, having never signed a legal contract to be a permanent part of the band. Before he left, Vinnie had worked on 3 songs that were slated to appear on 'Animalize'; Animal, Twisted, and I Wanna Be Your Victim. Instead, they showed up on the first Vinnie Vincent Invasion album in 1986.

Vinnie Vincent Invasion

'And On The 8th Day' was a song originally written by Vinnie and called 'Boyz Are Gonna Rock.' Vinnie re-recorded the song for his first solo album.

Despite the mutual parting of Vinnie and the band after the tour for 'Lick It Up,' Paul and Gene still asked Vinnie to come up with some songs for the next studio album. Vinnie came up with 'Animal,' 'Twisted' and 'I Wanna Be Your Victim,' all of which saw release on Vinnie's first solo disc rather than on Kiss' 'Animalize.' Vinnie Vincent later co-wrote Unholy, Heart of Chrome, and I Just Wanna for Kiss' 'Revenge' album.

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