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Mass came from Boston, MA in the height of 80's metal mania. They released their first self titled album in 1985 after some legal problems under their original name Axes. "Mass" was recorded at the infamous Record Plant in NY but has yet to see release on cd. Unfortunately the band has been plagued with bad record deals and poor promotions. Despite this, the band is still together almost 20 years after it's inception still cranking out quality heavy metal. MASS is: Gene D'itria: Guitars, Joey "Vee" Vadala: Drums, Louis D' Augusta: Vocals and new bassist Michael Palumbo: Bass who replaced original bassist Kevin Varrio.

New Birth Mass-New Birth (RCA) 1985

1. "Too Far Gone" (3:55)
2. "Crying Alone" (4:28)
3. "Time" (3:47)
4. "Back to Me" (4:28)
5. "Do You Love Me" (3:42)
6. "New Birth" (3:41)
7. "Left Behind" (2:56)
8. "Voyager (Look for the Edge)" (4:09)
9. "Day Without You" (4:17)
10. "Watch Her Walk" (3:39)

No, I don't have a rare cd copy of this disc. I wish! What I have is the original RCA cassette release and a CDR copy made from the original vinyl release. Unfortunately, unless someone can prove to me different, this album has never been released on cd. I've got this information from a reliable So, until the time a disc is released I will have to settle for a copy to make the Mass discography complete. Musically, "New Birth" is probably the heaviest Mass album. Just 100% heavy metal with a bad-ass Boston attitude. This is actually Mass' second release as they also released a independent self titled album in 1985. Several tracks of this album, as well as "New Birth" recently resurfaced on the "Best Ones" compilation. As of 2/01 I have heard that there is a possibility of this album being re-released in limited quantities by a small label. We'll see what happens.

As of 2/01 I have heard that there is a possibility of this album being re-released in limited quantities by a small label. We'll see what happens.

Take You Home Mass-Take You Home (Medussa) 1988

1. "Pedal to the Metal" (3:46)
2. "Can't Get Enough" (3:02)
3. "Want It Back" (2:59)
4. "Over You" (4:02)
5. "Take You Home" (2:55)
6. "Holy One" (6:04)

A VERY difficult cd to find. This darned little ep sells consistantly for over $30 on eBay. I finally got this copy from a very generous trader named Andrew who was "getting rid of any secular music." OK! It took one indie cd and a couple of old Christian metal demos to get it, but it's worth it. 1980's heavy metal with smooth as silk vocals. Gotta love it. Still have my vinyl copy of this as well.

Voiced in the Night Mass-Voices in the Night (Enigma) 1989

1. "Voices in the Night" (3:51)
2. "Nine Tonight" (2:52)
3. "Reach for the Sky" (4:29)
4. "Chance to Love" (4:03)
5. "Turn it All Around" (3:39)
6. "Carry Your Heart" (3:49)
7. "Miles Away" (3:48)
8. "Follow Me" (3:11)
9. "Call Out Your Name" (3:44)
10. "Staying Alive" (3:31)
cd bonus track
11. "Still of the Night" (3:04)

"Voices in the Night" was produced by Michael Sweet (Stryper). The music is very similar in style to Stryper, especially the glossy production. 1980's heavy metal with those syrupy, sticky Sweet lyrics. You either loved it or hated it. I loved it and still like it to this day. Bought this on cassette as a new release. It took me forever to find a copy on cd but I finally managed to get it in a trade with a guy from Canada. Didn't find out until the disc arrived that the cd has an extra track that my crappy cassette didn't have.

Best Ones Mass-Best Ones (fore reel) 2000

1. "Looking Good" (3:30)
2. "Pedal to the Metal" (3:47)
3. "Holy One" (6:04)
4. "New Birth" (3:50)
5. "Crying Alone" (4:28)
6. "Do You Love Me" (3:26)
7. "Watch Her Walk" (3:44)
8. "Take You Home" (2:55)
9. "Over You" (4:02)
10. "Voices in the Night" (3:50)
11. "Reach for the Sky" (4:30)
12. "Chance to Love" (3:59)
13. "Turn it All Around" (3:39)
14. "Bad Man's Reputation" (3:52)
15. "Who Am I" (4:34)
16. "Seven Days" (4:38)

I had assumed that these guys had given up years ago, but apparently they have not. According to the liner notes, the band is working on a new studio album and never really broke up. "Best Ones" is an anthology of the band that includes songs from all four of their albums as well as two new songs, and the never before released "Bad Man's Reputation" from a recording session when the band was called Axes. The two new songs are from their "forthcoming" album. With the exception of the "Take You Home" and "Voices in the Night" material, this is the first time much of this material has seen the light of day on cd. "Best Ones" is a good career retrospective of a band who has toughed it out in the metal underground since the early 80's and is a good listen all the way through.

My dear friend Olaf asked vocalist Louis D' Augusta some questions about the band's lyrical approach. Here is what he had to say:

Being the vocalist for the band, I write 90% of the lyrics and melodies. Gene and the rest of the guys usually write the music, so a lot of the lyrics have to do with me personally. Since our latest release is BEST ONES here is a little info about some of the songs on this release:
1. Looking Good- the adventures of young love.
2. Pedal to the Metal- cruising the beach with my friends.
3. Holy One- Good vs. Evil with good always prevailing. Dedicated to an "old manager".
4. New Birth- Lots of new things in my life, new record, new wife, new baby, therefore......New Birth.
5. Crying Alone- Searching for love.
6. Do You Love Me- question to my first wife, poppy song, lyrics are self explanatory.
7. Watch Her Walk- Gene and I wrote this song down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida during Spring Break. Lyrics self explanatory.
8. Take You Home- Boy meets girl at club, wants to resume party at home.
9. Over You- This is the beginning of the end of (a) relationship with (my) wife.
10. Voices in the Night- This song is about me on stage being sad during the day and cannot wait to perform during the night thus hearing the voices. During the whole recording of this record, I was going through a stressful time in my life. I was going through a divorce, so a lot of the lyrics may coincide with my feelings. Ex. "Chance to Love."
11. Reach for the Sky- This song is basically a positive uplifting song with overtures to asking God for help and guidance.
12. Turn it all Around- Lyrics are self explanatory about the band MASS and what we were going through. This is our third time and there ain't no striking out, we've got to grab the golden ring! The third time meant our third record contact which did end in bankruptcy. Still searching for the golden ring.
13. Bad Man's Reputation- This song is one of the songs of the A&M record which was never released and once again written about an ex-manager.
14. Who Am I? - This song basically is about the confusion of choosing to work a 9 -5 job or being a rock musician.
15. Seven Days - Playful song about getting betrayed by a woman thinking it was love.

Hopefully this will answer some of your questions. I do try to write positive and uplifting songs. Do believe in God the Almighty but do not try to preach in my songs but I do try to send a positive message and hopefully they will figure it out.

Louis D' Augusta

On vinyl: Mass-Take You Home (Medussa)
On cassette: Mass-New Birth (RCA)

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