Modus Operendi

M.O. Modus Operendi

1. "Good Day to Die" (3:24)
2. "Here I Stand" (5:43)
3. "Human State" (4:24)
4. "Dead or Alive" (4:05)
5. "Angry Man" (9:36)
6. "Who Can I Trust" (5:55)
7. "Crucified With Christ" (5:19)
8. "Who Am I" (3:46)
9. Gehena" (7:12)
10. "Lest I Forget" (7:06)
11. "untitled hidden track" (2:36)

I purchased this one on the advice of a friend who went to check them out in Los Angeles, California when they opened for Ron Rinehart's new band Oil at some night club. I was told that they sounded similar to Deliverance and Ultimatum. Well, musically, I can see the similarities. The difference, however, is in the vocals which are shouted in a hardcore fashion. Many times the vocals are flat and out of key but most often than not, they are just not very interesting. The thing about most thrash bands is that the vocalists have a very distinct style. People either love or hate vocalists like those in Deliverance and Ultimatum, but this is just mediocre. I can't get past the vocals on this one. I'll bet they put on a great live show though.

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