Classic 80's heavy metal! Omen are one of those bands that never was able to break from the pack, but while they were around they gave us some great heavy metal.

Escape to Nowhere Omen-Escape to Nowhere (Enigma/Metal Blade) 1988

1. "It's Not Easy" (5:12)
2. "Radar Love" (6:08)
3. "Escape to Nowhere" (4:20)
4. "Cry for the Morning"(4:06)
5. "Thorn in Your Heart" (4:05)
6. "Poisoned" (4:33)
7. "Nomads" (3:17)
8. "King of the Hill" (4:09)
9. "No Way Out" (3:16)

If I am not mistaken, this is the only Omen album that has not yet been re-issued by Metal Blade. "Escape to Nowhere" is old school heavy metal that lacks a bit in hooks. While Omen are an American band, they borrow heavily from the NWOBHM bands of the early 80's. The disc was produced by Paul O'Neil. Paul has become well known in Savatage fan circles as he has written and produced several Savatage classics and is the mastermind behind the Trans Siberian Orchestra. "Radar Love" is a Golden Earring cover. I picked this disc up for $7.99 at a local used cd shop.

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