Pink Cream 69

Electrified Pink Cream 69-Electrified (Digital Dimensions)

1.   "Shame" (4:45)
2.   "Stranger In Time" (5:45)
3.   "Break the Silence" (3:52)
4.   "Electrified" (3:28)
5.   "Over the Fire" (4:24)
6.   "Losing My Faith" (5:02)
7.   "Higher Kind Of Love" (3:50)
8.   "Burn Your Soul" (3:34)
9.   "Rocket Ride" (4:52)
10. "Best for You" (3:43)
11. "Gone Again" (4:31)

This is really good commercial, melodic metal! I had heard of this band but their name always struck me as kind of stupid. One day I recieved a package from a band called PC69 and I didn't connect the two for quite some time. I finally snapped and realized that the band changed their name for the American release. Probably a smart move, but even with the name change, this type of metal is so unpopular in American that it will never sell. Too bad, though, as this is a really good album with some great hooks and powerful clean vocals. Probably would have done great in the late 80's but in 1999...well, I like it anyhow.

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