Powersurge-Powersurge (Roadracer)

1. Words (5:17)
2. Pulled Over (5:06)
3. Call Me (5:09)
4. Engine Rail (3:17)
5. Battle Call (5:40)
6. Burning Revenge (4:17)
7. Tear Up the Pavement (4:01)
8. Shock Wave (5:37)
9. Wall of Power (2:57)
10. Stress Attack (3:09)

When I think of any band on Roadracer/Roadrunner, I usually think of thrash or death metal. Powersurge on the other hand are quality American power metal. Soaring clean vocals, speedy riffs, quick solos, and thundering drums. Got this cd in a trade. I took a chance as I had never heard them, but was overjoyed upon hearing the metallic sounds that emanated from my speakers. Reminded me a bit of Sanctuary and Sacred Warrior.

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