Condemned to Eternity Re-Animator-Condemned to Eternity/Deny Reality (Under One Flag) 1989/1990

1. "Low Life" (3:37)
2. "Chain of Command" (4:44)
3. "Room 101" (7:04)
4. "Condemned to Eternity" -instrumental (7:58)
5. "Shock Treatment" (4:44)
6. "Buried Alive" (4:54)
7. "Techno Fear" (5:50)
8. "What the Funk?" -instrumental (1:12)
9. "Say Your Prayers" (4:31)
10. "Deny Reality" (4:51)
11. "Follow the Masses" (4:21)
12. "Fatal Descent" (5:19)
13. "O.P.C." (0:20)
14. "D.U.A.F." (3:09)
15. "Re-Animator" (6:06)

Hey a surprise cd from a friend in Norway! Gotta love surprises, especially when they are cds. Anyhow, "Condemned to Eternity" is a smoking thrash album with some tight leads, fast, furious and crunchy guitar riffs and aggressive vocals. There were so many good thrash bands around in the early 90's. It's too bad this style disappeared a few years later. I can't get enough of it. Pop this one into your car deck and try to do the speed limit. This cd re-issue also contains the EP "Deny Reality." Picture Attachments:

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