Sardonyx 1993 at Gettysburg, PA
A virtually unknown power metal band, yet one of the band's that inspired me the most both personally and in my own music. The band broke up in 1994, although the ministry of the band continued through Lightshine, which is the minstry that the band is accountable to. Tom Denlinger has also released a project under the title Scream of the Guillotine. As of January 2002 the original members of Sardonyx have decided to get back together and begin work on a new disc. Their web site also promises the release of the band's first EP 'Rebel of Reason' on cd along with 'Majestic Serenity.'

Sardonyx-Majestic Serenity (Lightshine) 1994

1. "Puppet of Beauty" (7:42)
2. "Paracletos" (3:59)
3. "Corridor to Light" (8:15)
4. "Short Bu Suite: Opus in D Flat" -instrumental (1:12)
5. "Royal Honor" (5:42)
6. "Heavenly Throne" (4:50)
7. "Ft. Drum" -instrumental (2:34)
8. "Holy Avenger" (7:11)
9. "Call Upon the Master" (3:47)
10. "Voice of the Prodigal" (7:07)
11. "Liar" (5:16)

Tom Denlinger

I love this album! I saw this band play in Maine in 1993 and was blown away by their incredible stage presense and tight musicianship. I was also impressed with their sincerity of what they believed as well as their cool attitudes. I was honored to spend the entire day traveling to the show from Pennsylvania with them, then hanging out backstage before amd after the show. I even got to go up on the stage to hold the banner during "Royal Honor." It was a cool experience. (see the photo below.)

But about the cd, this is the only cd they ever released. Their first album was only a four song tape, that has never made it to cd. This album is PURE POWER METAL! The music is tight, technical, and incorporates some progressive and thrash metal aspects as well. The vocals of Tom Denlinger are outstanding!!! This disc owned my cd player for quite some time.

A photo of me (in the white shirt) on stage with Sardonyx, 1994.

On cassette:
Sardonyx-Rebel of Reason (Lightshine)

On video:
Sardonyx-Live at Creation 1994

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