Skid Row Skid Row (Atlantic) 1989

1."Big Guns" (3:36)
2."Sweet Little Sister" (3:10)
3."Can't Stand the Heartache" (3:24)
4."Piece of Me" (2:48)
5."18 and Life" (3:50)
6."Rattlesnake Shake" (3:07)
7."Youth Gone Wild" (3:18)
8."Here I Am" (3:10)
9."Makin' a Mess" (3:38)
10."I Remember You" (5:10)
11."Midnight/Tornado" (4:17)

A thundering debut but one that unfortunately had Skid Row lumped in with the Poisons and Warrants of metal due to "18 and Life" and "I Remember You" Still a great album but not as great as:

Slave to the Grind Slave to the Grind (Atlantic) 1991

1."Monkey Business" (4:17)
2."Slave to the Grind" (3:31)
3."The Threat" (3:47)
4."Quicksand Jesus" (5:21)
5."Psycho Love" (3:58)
6."Livin' on a Chain Gang" (3:56)
7."Creepshow" (3:56)
8."In a Darkened Room" (4:57)
9."Riot Act" (2:40)
10."Mudkicker" (3:50)
11."Wasted Time" (5:46)

Instead of wasting our time with "18 and Life" Part II, Skid Row come back with a real heavy metal monster! There is another version of this disc with a song called "Get the F**k Out" that I also own. Picked up both for under $5 each. Like Slaughter, another band lumped in with pop crap, I didn't get into these guys until long after their popularity dropped as I never gave their music a chance.

B-Side Ourselves Skid Row-B-Side Ourselves (Atlantic) 1992

1."Psychotherapy" (2:30)
2."C'mon and Love Me" (3:23)
3."Delivering the Goods"-live (4:54)
4."What You're Doing" (4:26)
5."Little Wing" (3:19)

I love cover albums, especially by bands who share my taste in music. Skid Row cover four of my favorites (Kiss, Judas Priest, Rush, Jimi Hendrix) and one that I have a lot of respect for and have seen live several times (the Ramones), even though I am not a collector of their music. What makes this EP even better is that Rob Halford joins the Skids for this live rendition of "Delivering the Goods." Only bad thing about this disc is that it is too short.

Subhuman Race Skid Row-Subhuman Race (Atlantic) 1995

1. "My Enemy" (3:38)
2. "Firesign" (4:55)
3. "Bonehead" (2:16)
4. "Beat Yourself Blind" (5:03)
5. "Eileen" (5:36)
6. "Remains to Be Seen" (3:34)
7. "Subhuman Race" (2:40)
8. "Frozen" (4:44)
9. "Into Another" (4:03)
10. "Face Against My Soul" (4:20)
11. "Medicine Jar" (3:36)
12. "Breakin' Down" (4:31)
13. "Ironwill" (4:36)
14. "unlisted hidden track" (:40)

Skid Row wait until after grunge destroyed most of their contemporaries to release the follow up to their multi-platinum 'Slave to Grind.' Musically the band totally abandons the pop metal leanings and goes for a heavier, and meaner 1990's hard rock slam. Of course their love for heavy metal is still apparent, but not to the extent as on 'Slave.' A few songs even take on a punk edge, like 'Bonehead.' What really makes this disc shine however, is the outstanding vocal performance of Sebastian Bach. Without him, this would just be another in a sea of 90's hard rock crap. Another standout from the crap that was being peddled on MTV in the mid-90's are the guitar solos of Snake Sabo.Well, the change in style worked for the band, because despite not having a hit the album still charted and sold well for them. Track 14 is a silly track hidden at the end of track 13. Shortly after, the band broke up for a while, returning in '99 without Sebastian Bach to tour with Kiss.

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