Vicious Rumors

Digital Dictator Vicious Rumors-Digital Dictator (Shrapnel) 1988

1. "Replicant" -instrumental (1:04)
2. "Digital Dictator" (3:17)
3. "Minute to Kill" (3:34)
4. "Towns on Fire" (4:23)
5. "Lady Took A Chance" (6:11)
6. "World's and Machines" (5:30)
7. "The Crest" (2:56)
8. "R.L.H." (4:01)
9. "Condemned" (3:52)
10. "Out of the Shadows" (4:09)

Digital Dictator was Vicious Rumors second album that was released some three years after their debut and featured two new members; Mark McGee on guitar and Carl Albert on vocals. This proved to be the favorite line-up by fans of the band. 'Digital Dictator' is a smoking, semi-commercial power metal affair. It's easy to see why Carl Albert was favored by fans as his voice is absolutely amazing. (Sadly, Carl Albert died in 1995.) This album was actually my first exposure to this band, and I cannot believe I have not heard these guys before! Perhaps the name threw me off, as it sounds a bit on the glam/pop metal side. Darn, and wouldn't you know most all their discs are now out of print! Checking eBay, however, their discs sell for a decent price, most under $10.

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