Energetic Disassembly Watchtower-Energetic Disassembly (CDR) 1984

1. "Asylum" (3:50)
2. "Meltdown" (4:00)
3. "Tyrants in Distress" (6:00)
4. "Argonne Forest" (4:39)
5. "Energetic Disassembly" (4:39)
6. "Violent Change" (3:24)
7. "Social Fears" (4:41)
8. "Cimmerian Shadows" (6:36)

Unfortunately, for the time being, I only own a CDR copy of this disc with color printouts all the cover art. A good friend recommended this disc to me, and he was right. Watchtower are fabulous! They combine skillful and technical songwriting and musicianship with the right amount of hook to create one of the best prog-metal discs to grace my cd player. The production seems a bit rough, but it's not terrible either. As a matter of fact, the raw edge adds to the appeal of this disc. Sometimes overproducing, especially progressive metal, tends to ruin the music.

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