The Who
The Who are one of those bands I have a lot of respect for but don't really listen to much or invest much into building an extensive cd collection. I used to have much more of their music when I was collecting vinyl. Despite this, I do enjoy their music and will buy more of their stuff in the future. The Who are legends and one of the reasons rock and roll became what it is today, not only for their music, but also for their wild stage and off-stage antics. Maximum R&B!

Live at Leeds The Who-Live at Leed (MCA)

1. "Heaven & Hell" (4:30)
2. "I Can't Explain" (2:16)
3. "Fortune Teller" (2:34)
4. "Tattoo" (2:31)
5. "Young Man Blues" (4:30)
6.  "Substitute" (2:16)
7. "Happy Jack" (2:13)
8. "I'm A Boy" (2:40)
9. "A Quick One, While He's Away" (8:25)
10. "Amazing Journey/Sparks" (7:34)
11. "Summertime Blues" (2:34)
12. "Shakin' All Over" (2:51)
13. "My Generation" (4:56)
14. "Magic Bus" (2:07)

A really enjoyable concert from the band, when they were still innovators in hard rock. The group's R&B and blues roots are showcased all over the place. I picked up this disc in a cut out bin for $2.50. It turned out to be mislabled as this was the '95 reissue, not the six song pressing that came out a few years earlier. The clerk at the store gave it to me for that price anyhow.

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