After being kicked out of Anthrax (or did he quit? I've heard both stories) Joey Belladonna decided to go for a solo gig. Rumor has spread for years that Dan Spitz, also given the boot by Anthrax, may be doing something with Joey soon. Joey also has some writers credits on the Sun Red Sun album.

Belladonna Belladonna (Mausoleum) 1995

1."Blunt Man" (3:37)
2."Power Trip" (4:05)
3."Rob You Blind" (3:39)
4."Perfection" (3:55)
5."Two Faced" (4:00)
6."Down & Out" (5:51)
7."R.I.P." (3:53)
8."Last Call" (4:20)
9."Nothing to Hide" (3:54)
10."Taken by Force" (6:32)
11."Injun" (3:57)
12."Mixed Emotions" (4:46)
13."I-900" (4:33)

Anthrax claimed that Joey wanted to sing like Steve Perry and do Journey music. Not so! Belladonna's first solo disc is actually decent speed metal. It's not up to the standards of most of Anthrax's 80's material but it's better than "Stomp 442."

Spells of Fear Belladonna-Spells of Fear (D-Rock) 1998

1.   "Face You" (5:43)
2.   "Lost Control" (5:06))
3.   "Long Way Down" (5:54)
4.   "Bad Memories" (5:34)
5.   "Jokin'" (4:02)
6.   "Phony" (4:09)
7.   "I Don't Need" (4:23)
8.   "How Would You Know" (3:55)
9.   "Ultimate Threat" (5:19)
10. "Don't Pin Me Down" (4:40)
11. "Cover Me" (5:40)
12. "Out Of Gas" (4:17)
13. "Stress Your Mind" (2:50)

Belladonna's second album. . . SUCKS! I can't believe this is the same guy who sang on all those awesome Anthrax discs. This is just bad! Joey attempting to do modern rock or something. Pass at all costs. I actually spent $16 bucks on this.

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