David Bowie

Best of Bowie 69-74 David Bowie-The Best of David Bowie 1969/1974 (Virgin) 1997

1. "The Jean Genie" (4:08)
2. "Space Oddity" (5:15)
3. "Starman" (4:18)
4. "Ziggy Stardust" (3:16)
5. "John, I'm Only Dancing" (2:42)
6. "Rebel Rebel" (4:30)
7. "Let's Spend the Night Together" (3:07)
8. "Suffragette City" (3:27)
9. "Oh! You Pretty Things" (3:14)
10. "Velvet Goldmine" (3:11)
11. "Drive-In Saturday" (4:29)
12. "Diamond Dogs" (6:05)
13. "Changes" (3:34)
14. "Sorrow" (2:55)
15. "The Prettiest Star" (3:14)
16. "Life on Mars?" (3:52)
17. "Aladdin Sane" (5:10)
18. "The Man Who Sold the World" (3:56)
19. "Rock & Roll Suicide" (3:00)
20. "All the Young Dudes" (4:11)

Have been a casual fan of Bowie since I was a kid. I was always more into 'heavy metal' bands like Aerosmith and Thin Lizzy in the 70's but I always liked Bowie as well. Certainly Bowie has been an influence on some of my favorite bands; nobody can deny that he has been once of the most imitated personalities in rock. Marilyn Manson owes his entire image to that of Bowie. Many metal bands have certainly taken some influence from Bowie, if not musically, certainly from his theatrical performances. Many also credit Bowie with helping to start the entire 'punk' movement of the 70's. In anycase, I wanted to get a Bowie disc forever. Being that I am most familiar with his early material, this retrospective is an excellent collection, featuring mostly his radio hits, but some more hardcore fan favorites as well. One odd inclusion is the Rolling Stones cover "Let's Spend the Night Together." The packaging is ok, but sadly has not lyrics, and does not include a discography or a description of what song came off what album. This is one thing I certainly would have liked to have seen.

Still need to find a cd with 'Heroes,' 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'Fame', 'Young Americans' and 'Under Pressure' on it, all favorites of mine that are post 1974.

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