Corrosion of Conformity/COC

Millennium Metal Chapter One Corrosion of Conformity-Animosity (Metal Blade)

1. "Loss for Words" (4:04)
2. "Mad World" (1:53)
3. "Consumed" (2:52)
4. "Holier" (3:01)
5. "Positive Outlook" (2:23)
6. "Prayer" (3:01)
7. "Intervention" (2:23)
8. "Kiss of Death" (1:32)
9. "Hungry Child" (1:19)
10. "Animosity" (4:15)

One of the first bands to fuse metal with hardcore and punk, and long before it became an insipid trend for geeks in the 90's. This one sports a thin production, but loads of speed and intensity to make up for it.

COC-America's Volume Dealer (Sanctuary)

 1. "Over Me" (4:19)
 2. "Congratulations Song" (3:20)
 3. "Stare Too Long" (4:56)
 4. "Diablo Blvd." (3:28)
 5. "Doublewide" (4:15)
 6. "Zippo" (4:28)
 7. "Who's Got the Fire" (3:17)
 8. "Sleeping Martyr" (4:58)
 9. "Take What You Want" (3:30)
 10. "13 Angels" (6:35)
 11. "Gittin' It On" (2:35)

Corrosion of Conformity is now officially COC. OK, whatever. If ever there was a band that changes styles as often as the wind changes directions, COC is it. I haven't really kept up with this band since "Crossover." Ocassionally I have heard a song or two from some of their more recent outputs, but they always just seemed sort of boring to me. Well, this particular album was given to me by a friend and to my surprise I like it. It's almost impossible to compare this disc with "Crossover" or "Animosity," because the music is so different, I can understand why they changed their name. The punk and hardcore influences are all but gone and replaced with Southern rock mixed with Sabbath-inspired heavy metal.  I suppose that most critics would say that the band is trying to reinvent themselves or "stay fresh," but I think it's painfully obvious that COC are going for a more "radio-friendly" sound. Hmmm, I suppose if I hadn't been into Corrosion of Conformity in the 80's and I didn't have this mental connection to that material, I would like this cd even more. As it stand, however, not a bad album, just somehow different.

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