One of the original NWOBHM bands, formed in Stourbridge England in 1977. It was actually Metallica who introduced me to these guys through their excellent cover on their "Creeping Death" EP.

Diamond Head-Lightning to the Nations (Metal Blade) 1981

1. "Lightning to the Nations"
2. "The Prince" (6:13)
3. "Sucking My Love" (9:32)
4. "Am I Evil?" (7:44)
5. "Sweet and Innocent" (3:37)
6. "It's Electric" 3:37)
7. "Helpless" (6:48)

"Lightning to the Nations" was Diamond Head's official indie debut album. This disc is full of epic tracks like "Am I Evil?," "The Prince," and "Helpless" all of which have been capably covered by Metallica. The entire disc is excellent and thus it is not surprising why an independant disc that came out at the beginning of the British heavy metal explosion had such a major impact on metalmen like Mustaine and Hetfield. Must admit, that while I thoroughly enjoy the music on this disc, some of the lyrics fall into the Spinal Tap school of silliness. "Sucking on My Love"??? Need I say any more? What makes the disc so interesting, however, is Brian Tatler's hook-laden guitar riffs and songwriting. The original vinyl version of this was released independantly by the band's own Happy Face Records and each record was autographed by a member of the band. Metal Blade re-released this classic on cd in 1992.

To Heaven from Hell Diamond Head-To Heaven From Hell (Metal Blade) 1987

1. "Dead Reckoning" (6:28)
2. "Heat of the Night" (5:57)
3. "Borrowed Time" (6:49)
4. "Don't You Ever Leave Me" (5:41)
5. "To Heaven from Hell" (6:33)

Infamous New Wave of British Heavy Metal band that became more popular through Metallica's covers of their songs than they did on their own account. Apparently this EP was put together from the "In the Heat of the Night" 7" single and parts of the "Living On Borrowed Time" LP from 1982. As on reader of this site told me, "The first few Diamond Head albums are a real mess since they had all-new albums, mostly-new albums with old cuts, mostly-new albums with re-recorded cuts, several 7" singles, etc etc etc..." (thanks Ultra Boris) As with their other early 80's material, this EP has striking influences from UFO, with some Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath thrown in as well. All the tracks on this disc are lengthy and each possess a decent hook and riff. For some reason, however, their UFO/Black Sabbath inspired song writing comes off a bit awkard with the mix of pop vocal melodies and choruses. Can't say that this EP is quite as interesting as "Lightning For Nations" but it certainly isn't bad either. Can't imagine a fan of early NWOBHM not liking this disc. For sure UFO fans should dig it. As far as I can tell the year of release is 1987. The Metal Blade reissue came in 1997.

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