Calling the Wild Doro-Calling the Wild... (Koch) 2000

1. "Terrovision" (2:41)
2. "I Give My Blood (Dedication)" (3:54)
3. "White Wedding" (4:38)
4. "I Wanna Live" (2:42)
5. "Kiss Me Like a Cobra" (3:24)
6. "Love Me Forever" (5:18)
7. "Pain" (4:10)
8. "Give Me a Reason" (4:21)
9. "Fuel" (3:42)
10. "Scarred" (3:52)
11. "Now or Never" (4:40)
12. "Alone Again" (3:53)
13. "Constant Danger" (4:22)
14. "Burn It Up" (2:54)

For some reason I have not followed Doro's music since she left Warlock in the 80's. When I saw this on someones trade list, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check it out. Certainly part of my decision to check it out was the fact that Motorhead's Lemmy makes an appearance here. Along with writing "Alone Again" Lemmy also does some guest guitar acoustic work and vocals on "Alone Again" as well as Doro's cover of Motorhead's 'Love Me Forever.' I have always heard the Doro stuck to very traditional, true metal only. This may have been true in the past, but this release contains some elements of more modern metal. Certainly this is by no means a nu-metal release or some modern-rock piece of crap. Doro knows how to write a good heavy metal song and her amazing voice is what makes this record so impressive. She also writes some pretty nice ballads, although I am more interested in the heavier songs. The disc features several guests, including Lemmy (Motorhead), Al Pitrelli (Savatage / Megadeth), Eric Singer (Alice Cooper/Kiss), Bob Kulick (Meatloaf) and Slash (Guns & Roses). There is also a cover of Billy Idol's 'White Wedding.'

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