Joe Perry & Steven Tyler
Aerosmith (1977)

(Blood World promo photo/1994)

Bruce Dickenson
Bruce Dickinson
Iron Maiden (1986)

Dan Spitz & Joey Belladonna
ex-Anthrax (1984)

Ronnie James Dio
DIO (199?)

Vinnie Vincent with KISS
Vinnie Vincent

Jon Schaffer
Iced Earth

Roger Martinez
Vengeance Rising

Brian Robertson & Scott Gorham
Thin Lizzy

Ace Frehley
KISS (1978)

Motorhead (1983)

Punky Meadows
Angel (197?)

Dirty Looks

Barren Cross (1989)

Helstar (1990)

Kiss (1976)

Joey Belladonna (19??)


Long Time Favorite Bands
(10 years or longer)
(Actually, 50 would have been more feasable, so there are a few bands that are left out that could have been on this list on any given day. For a more complete list, see my CD list. Also, besides the first few, there is really no order to this list.)

1. Aerosmith
2. Mortification
4. Iron Maiden
5. Ted Nugent
6 . Thin Lizzy
7. Judas Priest
8. Overkill
9. Tourniquet
10. Anthrax (w/ Belladonna)
11. Megadeth
12. Metallica
13. Vengeance Rising
14. Accept
15. Black Sabbath
16. Believer
17. Testament
18. Dio
19. Deliverance
20. Metal Church
21. Savatage
22. Sacred Warrior
23. Raven
24. Exodus
25. Seventh Angel

More Recent Favorites

1. Nevermore
2. Hammerfall
3. Iced Earth
4. Living Sacrifice
5. Destiny’s End
6. Narnia
7. Extol
8. New Eden
9. Galactic Cowboys
10. Rage

Favorite albums (by the above artists)
(I wanted to just have a top 20 albums, but narrowing it down to only 20 was impossible. It was hard enough picking only one album by each of these incredible bands.)

1. Aerosmith-Rocks
2. Mortification-EnVision EvAngeline
3. KISS-Creatures of the Night
4. Iron Maiden-Piece of Mind
5. Ted Nugent-Ted Nugent
6. Thin Lizzy-Bad Reputation
7. Judas Priest-Screaming for Vengeance
8. Overkill-From the Underground and Below
9. Tourniquet-Psycho Surgery
10. Anthrax-Spreading the Disease
11. Testament-Practice What You Preach
12. Metallica-Master of Puppets
13. Vengeance Rising-Once Dead
14. Accept-Restless & Wild
15. Black Sabbath-Master of Reality
16. Believer-Sanity Obscure
17. Megadeth-Rust in Peace
18. Dio-Holy Diver
19. Deliverance-Weapons of our Warfare
20. Metal Church-Hanging in the Balance
21. Savatage-Sirens
22. Sacred Warrior-Master’s Command
23. Raven-All for One
24. Exodus-Fabulous Disaster
25. Seventh Angel-Lament for the Weary

Dreaming Neon Black
1. Nevermore-Dreaming Neon Black
2. Hammerfall-Legacy of Kings
3. Iced Earth-Something Wicked This Way Comes
4. Living Sacrifice-Reborn
5. Destiny’s End-Breathe Deep the Dark
6. Narnia-Long Live the King
7. Extol-Burial
8. New Eden-Through the Make Believe
9. Galactic Cowboys-Space in Your Face
10. Rage-Ghosts

Favorite Live Albums
(MUCH easier to do than the above favorites. Once again, with the exception of the first few, this is not necessarily in order.)

Double Live Gonzo!
1. Ted Nugent-Double Live Gonzo
2. Judas Priest-Unleashed in the East
3. Thin Lizzy-Live & Dangerous
4. KISS-Alive
5. Yes-Yessongs
6. Aerosmith-Live! Bootleg
7. Overkill-Wreching Your Neck Live
8. Mortification-Live Planetarium
9. Iron Maiden-Live At Donnington
10. Genesis-Three Sides Live
Queen-Live Killers
12. Blind Guardian-Tokyo Tales
13. Thin Lizzy-BBC Radio One

14. Aerosmith-King's Chronicle
15. Cinderella-Live at the Key Club
16. Motorhead-No Sleep til Hammersmith
17. UFO-Stangers in the Night
18. Angel-Live Without a Net
19. Raven-Live at the Inferno
20. Blind Guardian-Tokyo Tales

Worst Live Albums
1. Barren Cross- Hotter than Hell! Live
2. Nuclear Assault-Live at the Hammersmith Odeon

Favorite NON-metal bands/musicians
(Yes, I do like things other than metal! I know, for shame...and I call my slef a metalhead!)

1. Yes
2. Pink Floyd
3. Genesis
4. Keith Green
5. Molly Hatchet
6. Phil Keaggy
7. Nektar

Favorite Singers
(Killer vox and great performers)

1. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
2. Warrel Dane (Nevermore)
3. Rob Halford (Priest/Fight)
4. Bruce Dickinson (Maiden)
5. Jimmy Brown (Deliverance)
6. Udo Dirkschneider (Accept/U.D.O.)
7. Keith Green
8. Ronnie James Dio
9. Ray Alder (Fates Warning)
10. Blitz (Overkill)
11. Ian Gillan (Deep Purple/Gillan/Sabbath)
12. Jon Anderson (YES)

Favorite Guitarists
(just for being too cool!)

1. Ace Frehley (KISS)
2. Ted Nugent (the Motor City Madman!)
3. Joe Perry (Aerosmith)
4. Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy)
(I wanted his hair when I was 5 years old! Got it now!)
5. Phil Keaggy
6. Gary Lenaire (Tourniquet/Echo Hollow)
7. Michael Angelo (Nitro)
8. Punk Meadows (Angel)
9. Vinnie Vincent (ex-KISS/V.V.Invasion)
10. Steve Howe (Yes)

Favorite Guitar Teams
(dual guitars solos rule! Most of these bands sound is dependant on the skills of both guitarists.)

1. Adrian Smith & Dave Murray (Maiden)
2. KK Downing & Glenn Tipton (Priest)
3. Scott Gorham & Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy)
4. Steve Trujillo & Robert Gutierrez (Ultimatum)
5. Robert Sweet & Oz Fox (Stryper)
6. Joe Perry & Brad Whitford (Aerosmith)

Favorite Bassist
(those who took a boring instrument and made it RULE!)

1. Steve Harris (Maiden)
2. Steve Rowe (Mortification)
3. Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith)
4. Lemmy (Motorhead)
5. Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy)
6. D.D. Verni (Overkill)

Favorite Drummers
(those madmen who hold the songs together)

1. Brain Downey (Thin Lizzy)
2. Nicko McBrain (Maiden)
3. Ted Kirkpatrick (Tourniquet)
4. Scott Travis (Fight/Priest)
5. Jason Sherlock (ex-Mortification/Parameacium)
6. Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy, Nugent, House of Lords, Whitesnake, Pat Travers)

Most Underrated Drummer
1. Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy)
2. Joey Kramer (Aerosmith)

Most Hated!
1. Paying Bills.
2. Country music (GAK!)
3. Inconsiderate moshers/stage divers who get in the way of those who actually want to watch and enjoy the show.
4. Lima Beans (YUK!)
5. MxPx.
6. Insipid satanic lyrics
7. Taxes
8. Getting up in the morning to go to work.
9. Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Kid Rock, Limp Bizcrap, Korn, etc.
10. Paying Bills

Bands that I really miss...!
1. Believer
2. Deliverance (Jimmy & George!)
3. Vengeance Rising
4. Seventh Angel
5. Barren Cross
6. Anthrax w/ Joey Belladonna and Dan Spitz
7. Thin Lizzy (Phil Lynott-R.I.P.)
8. Frehley’s Comet
9. Accept
10. Celtic Frost
11. Vinnie Vincent Invasion

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