My CD Want/Trade List

This is a list of stuff I WANT but have either not been able to find, have just not seen at the right price yet, or I just plain haven't gotten around to getting yet. Anyone wanting to trade who might have these, contact me. As you can see this list is almost as extensive as my cd collection itself. This list is far from complete. I will ad more discs as I have time.

Check out my list of current trades at the bottom of this list.

Titles with * indicates that these are cds I should soon have in my posession or are pending trades.
Titles that are green & bold are generally titles I am in a more serious search for. (the Top Priority List)

Ahh, the life of a CD junkie...


Yellow & Black Attack
Stryper-Yellow & Black Attack (Japanese)
Live Witout A Net
Angel-Live Without a Net
Sinful Angel-Sinful


Thin Lizzy-Vagabonds,Kings,Warriors,Angels
(4 cd box set)

Hard N Heavy
Anvil-Hard 'n' Heavy

Anvil-Metal on Metal
Red REign
Steven Partrick-
Red Reign





Confusion Romance
Accužer-Confusion Romance EP

Accept-All Areas Worldwide

AC/DC-'74 Jeailbreak
AC/DC- Blow Up Your Video

Aerosmith-Classics Live Complete
Aerosmith- "Dude (Looks Like a Lady) 12" w/ "Once is Enough" on the B side. (vinyl/CD?)
Aerosmith- Listen to this Brad (Yokahama, Japan 1998/4-disc set)

Aerosmith-Toxic Graffiti

Complete Unplugged
Aerosmith-Complete Unplugged
(silver cd)

Aerosmith-Look Homeward Angel (vinyl/cd)

Aerosmith-anything rare by this, the greatest American R-n-R band!

Looking to trade cdr's & tape of Aerosmith live shows. See my AEROSMITH page for a list of what I have for trade.

Alcatrazz-Live Sentence
Alcatrazz-Dangerous Games
Anacrusis-Suffering Hour

Live Witout A Net
Angel-Live Without a Net


Angel Dust-Into The Dark Past
Angel Dust-To Dust You Will Decay
Angel Dust-Border Of Reality

Angra - Rebirth

Angra-Reaching Horizons
Angra-Live Acoustic In Paris
Annihilator-Bag of Tricks
Anthrax/UTFO-Lethal (12" vinyl single)
Anthrax-Only #2 EP

Got the Time
Anthrax-Got the Time (EP)

Hard N Heavy
Anvil-Hard 'n' Heavy

Anvil-Metal on Metal

Anvil-Strength of Steel

Plenty of Power
* Anvil- Plenty of Power

Artillery-Deadly Relics
* Asia-Asia
Assassin-Interstellar Experience

Socialized Hate
Atrophy-Socilaized Hate

Attacker-The Second Coming
Ayreon-Universal Migrator Part 2:
........ Flight of the Migrator
Ayreon- Universal Migrator Part 1:
........ The Dream Sequence
Into the Electric Castle: A Space Opera Ayreon-Actual Fantasy
Ayreon- The Final Experiment


Black Sabbath-Eternal Gillen-The Eternal
........................Idol Demos
Blackfoot-Flyin' High

* Blackfoot-Siogo
Blackfoot-Vertical Smiles
* Blackfoot-Highway Song Live
Ricky Medlock & Blackfoot (Atlantic 1987)

Screaming Blue Murder
Blue Murder-Screaming Blue Murder

Brainstorm-Metus Mortis
Breaker-Get Though
Britny Fox-Live


Cacaphony-Go Off!
Cities-Annihilation Absolute

Goes to Hell
Alice Cooper-Goes to Hell

Alice Cooper-Special Forces
Alice Cooper-Dada
Alice Cooper-The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper
Crystal Age-Far Beyond Divine Horizons


Deep Purple-s/t
Deep Purple-Nobody's Perfect
Def Leppard-Pyromania
Def Leppard-Hysteria (b-side compilation)
Bruce Dickinson-Scream for Me Brazil

Digger-Stronger than Ever

Digital Ruin-Dwelling in the Out
Dirty Looks-In Your Face

Slave to the Machine
Dirty Looks-Slave to the Machine

Dixie Jam
Dixie Jam Band-Jammin' For Danny Joe Brown

Dokken-Breakin' the Chains
Dokken-Tooth & Nail
The Doors-s/t
The Doors-Strange Days
The Doors-The Soft Parade
The Doors-LA Woman
Doro-Force Majeure
Doro-True at Heart
Doro- Angels Never Die
Doro-Machine II Machine
Doro-Earth Shaker Rock
Doro-Love Me in Black
Doro- Calling the Wild


Exciter-Unveiling the Wicked

Exciter-Kill After Kill
Exciter-Better Live than Dead
Extol-Paralysis EP


My God
Flotsam & Jestam-My God



Peter Gabriel-2

Peter Gabriel-3 (German version)

Gamma Ray-Heaven Can Wait
Gillan-The BBC Tapes


Genesis-Archives Vol. 2

Gothic Knights

Grave Digger-Best of the 80's


Hades-Resisting Success
Hades-If At First You Don't Succeed

Hades-The Lost Fox Studio Sessions

The Natives...
Hawaii-The Natives Are Restless

Hawaii-Loud Wild and Heavy
Hawaii-One Nation Underground
Jimi Hendrix-Axis Bold As Love
Jimi Hendrix-Woodstock
Jimi Hendrix-Live at Fillmore East

Heretic-Breaking Point
Heretic-Torture Knows No Boundries (EP)
Heavyload-Metal Conquest
Heavyload-Death or Glory
Heavyload-Stronger than Evil
Holy Mother-Criminal Afterlife

Building the Machine
Glen Hughes-Building the Machine



Jacob's Dream
Jacob's Dream (indie/demo cd)

Jag Panzer-Age of Mastery
Jag Panzer-Ample Destruction
Jag Panzer-Dissident Alliance

Joshua-Intense Defense

Joshua-Something to Say


King Crimson-Discipline
King Diamond-Conspiracy
King Diamond-Fatal Portrait
King Diamond-Abigail
King Diamond-The Graveyard
King's X-Manic Moonlight


Kreator-Scenerios Of Violence
Krokus-One Vice At A Time


Labyrinth-Return to Heaven Denied
Labyrinth-Piece Of Time EP
Labyrinth-No Limits

Led Zeppelin-Physical Graphiti
Led Zeppelin-The Song Remains the Same
Led Zeppelin-In Through the Outdoor
Led Zeppelin-Coda
Lizzy Borden-Love You To Pieces
Lizzy Borden-Give 'Em The Axe
Lizzy Borden-Murderess Metal Road Show
Lizzy Borden-Terror Rising
Loudness-The Birthday Eve
Loudness-Devil Soldier
Loudness-The Law of the Devil's Land
Loudness-Live-Loud-Alive: Loudness in Tokyo
Loudness-Thunder in the East
Loudness-Early Singles
Phil Lynott's Grand Slam-Live & Demos
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Gimme Back My Bullets
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Street Survivors
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Pronounced Lynyrd Skynyrd


* Magnitude 9 - Reality In Focus
* Magnitude 9 -Chaos To Control
Yngwie Malmsteen-Trial By Fire/Live in Lenigrad
Yngwie Malmsteen-Yngwie Malmsteen Live
Manowar-Sign of the Hammer

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-Juggernaut

Frank Marino-What's Next
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-Eye of the Storm

Project Driver
M.A.R.S./Project Driver

Meliah Rage-Kill to Survive
Gary Moore-Live At The Marquee


Nazareth-Hair of the Dog
Nektar-Remember the Future
Nektar-Magic is a Child

Gunin' for Glory
Nitro-Gunnin' for Glory

Nocturnal Rites-The Sacred Talisman
Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes-Tooth Fang & Claw
Ted Nugent-Bulletproof Fever-Tribute to Ted


Oliver/Dawson Saxon-Re://landed
One Bad Pig-Smash!


Red REign
Steven Partrick-Red Reign

Axel Rudi Pell - Black Moon Pyramid
Axel Rudi Pell - Magic
Axel Rudi Pell - The Ballads II
Axel Rudi Pell - The Ballads
Axel Rudi Pell - Eternal Prisoner
Axel Rudi Pell - Made In Germany
Axel Rudi Pell - Wild Obsession
Axel Rudi Pell-Oceans of Time
Axel Rudi Pell-The Masquerade Ball
Axel Rudi Pell-The Wizards Chosen Few
Phantom Blue-s/t
Pink Floyd-Theme from More
Pink Floyd-Pulse
Pink Floyd-The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Powermad-The Madness Begins
Pretty Maids-Red Hot & Heavy
Primal Fear-Jaws of Death
Primal Fear-Nuclear Fire
Psychotic Waltz-A Social Grace

Psychotic Waltz-Bleeding


Queen-Queen II
Queen-A Day at the Races
Quiet Room-Reconceive


Rainbow-Down to Earth
Rainbow-Difficult to Cure
Rainbow-Bent Out of Shape
Rhapsody-Dawn of Victory
Riot-Fire Down Under
Riot-Born in America
Riot-The Bretheren of the Long House

Running Wild-The Privateer EP

Running Wild-Ready for Boarding
Running Wild-The Brotherhood


S.O.D.-Bigger than the Devil
Sacred Steel-Wargodz of Metal
Sacred Steel-Slaughter Prophecy
Sacred Warrior-2001 demo cd
Sacrifice-Forward to Termination

Savatage-From the Gutter to the Stage
Scorpions-Love at First Sting
Sepultura- Nations
Sepultura- Blood-Rooted
Sepultura- Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation
* Seventh Avenue-Say Goodbye
Sinner-Touch of Sin
Sinner-Dangerous Charm
Matt Sinner-Back to the Bullet
Sinner-Bottom Line

Derek St. Holmes-Then & Now

SF Live
Dee Snider's SMF-Twisted Forever SMF's Live

Sonata Artica-Silence
Stratovarious-Live! Visions of Europe

Steel Prophet-Into the Void

Steel Prophet-
Continuum (EP)

Steel Prophet-Book of the Dead

Stryper-Yellow & Black Attack (Japanese)



Testament-First Strike Still Deadly

Thin Lizzy-Remembering Parts 1-3

Thin Lizzy Tribute-Killers on the Loose

TRIBUTE-Killer on the Loose Again-Tribute to Thin Lizzy

Toxic-World Circus
Toxic-Think This
Tribe of Gypsies-Standing on the Shoulders
of Giants
Tribe of Gypsies-Revolucion 13

One for the Road
Trouble-One for the Road

TT Quick-s/t 5 song EP
(a CDR of this would suffice.)

Twisted Tower Dire-Curse of the Twisted Tower


Live in Russia
* U.D.O.-Live in Russia

UFO-No Place to Run
UFO-BBC Sessions
Ultimatum-Live Extremities (bootleg cd or cdr)
United- Bloody But Unbowed
United- Human Zoo
United- Beast Dominates '92
United- Best Rare Tracks From Under Ground
United- Reload

Uriah Heep
Uriah Heep-s/t (aka
Very ┤Eavy Very Umble)

Uriah Heep-Look At Yourself
Uriah Heep-The Magician`s Birthday
Uriah Heep-Demons & Wizards



High Proof
Vanize-High Proof

Various-ECW: Extreme Music
Various-Metal Massacre IV
Various-Metal Massacre V
Various-Metal Massacre VI
Various-Nativity in Black-Tribute to Black .............Sabbath Volume II


Warlock-Burning The Witches
Warlock-True As Steel
Warlock-Triumph & Agony
Warlord-The Best of Warlord

Fighting for the Earth
Warrior-Fighting for the Earth

Watchtower-Energetic Disassembly
Watchtower-Control & Resistance
Roger Waters-Radio KAOS

W.A.S.P.-Inside The Electric Circus
W.A.S.P.-Still Not Black Enough (bonus track version)
W.A.S.P.-The Last Command (remastered)
W.A.S.P.-Animal EP
W.A.S.P.-Double Live Assassains
W.A.S.P.-Animal Live
W.A.S.P.-The Sting
W.A.S.P.-Live In The Raw
W.A.S.P.-First Blood, Last Cuts
W.A.S.P.-Best of the Best

Whitesnake-Ready an' Willing
Whitesnake-Slide It In
The Who-to many to list
Wylde, Zakk-Book Of Shadows


X-Sinner-Peace Treaty


Yes-House of Yes: Live at the House of Blues


Frank Zappa-Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar
Frank Zappa-Joe's Garage Acts 1-4
Zebra-Not Tellin' Lies
ZZ Top-any

(all titles are used and in mint condition unless otherwise noted. I do not trade CDR copies, sorry.)

CDs for Trade:
email me for a current list

Vintage Vinyl for Trade:
Leviticus-I Shall Conquer (Shadow)
Mass-Take You Home (Enigma/Medussa)
Neon Cross (original Regency release)

contact me if you are interested in a trade

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