Giuffria was formed in the early '80s by Angel keyboardist Gregg Giuffria after Angel failed to break any ground in the exploding heavy metal scene. The band included vocalist David Glen Eisley, guitarist Craig Goldy (who later went on to play with Dio), bassist Chuck Wright, and drummer Alan Krigger. Goldy and Wright were later replaced by Lanny Cordola and David Sikes. Lanny, Greg and Chuck later went on to form House of Lords.

Silk & Steel Giuffria-Silk & Steel (Axe Killer) 1984

1. "No Escape" (5:28)
2. "Love You Forever" (4:00)
3. "I Must Be Dreaming" (4:24)
4. "Girl" (4:29)
5. "Change of Heart" (3:35)
6. "Radio" (4:27)
7. "Heartache" (3:48)
8. "Lethal Lover" (4:21)
9. "Tell It Like It Is" (4:06)
10. "Dirty Secrets" (4:39)
11. "Say It Ain't True" (3:45)

Slick AOR from former Angel keyboardist Gregg Giuffria. Listening to this, it's really hard to believe that Giuffria didn't go over much bigger than they did. I mean, several of these songs should have been blasting from every prom across the country and perhaps even a few weddings, as there are several tear-jerking ballads that would have done well against anything Steve Perry was popping out in '84. The rockers are quite good as well, with a radio ready hook, glossy production and those clean, classic rock vocals. I think part of the reason these guys didn't go over better was because they were marketed as a heavy metal band, since metal was exploding at that time. To be quite honest though, this really isn't a heavy metal disc. I suppose the band had a metal image but the music was more akin to Journey than Iron Maiden. So why am I interested in them then? I suppose growing up as an Angel fan, I also became a Giuffria fan. Besides, ya gotta mellow out some times. The band broke up after this disc and went on to form the slightly more metallic House of Lords. This French re-issue contains the bonus track "Say It Ain't True" from the Gotcha Soundtrack. Before this re-issue, this disc was fetching some hefty prices on eBay.

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