Iron Maiden  reunited 1998...Iron Maiden...
Few bands in the history of heavy metal have been copied more than Iron Maiden.
They are one of the defining bands of heavy metal. Iron Maiden rule!

Iron Maiden Iron Maiden-Iron Maiden (Castle)

1."Prowler" (3:53)
2."Remember Tomorrow" (5:27)
3."Running Free" (3:16)
4."Phantom of the Opera" (7:07)
5."Transylvania"-instrumental (4:06)
6."Strange World" (5:42)
7."Sanctuary" (3:13)
8."Charlotte the Harlot" (4:12)
9."Iron Maiden" (3:36)

One of the greatest debut albums ever and one of my favorite NWOBHM platters. A few of these songs were originally released on the "Soundhouse Tapes" which are currently only available in bootleg form, although one of the songs has been released on the 2-disc version of "Best of the Beast." "Iron Maiden" is filled with Maiden classics: "Prowler," "Running Free," "Sanctuary" "Remember Tomorrow" and "Iron Maiden." Many of these songs are STILL played live. "Phantom of the Opera," is a killer early Maiden progressive tune. I have the "enhanced disc" version of this. The nice thing about these versions is they have HUGE booklets with tons of photos as well as the lyrics. If I ever run across it again, I'd like to find the bonus disc version. So many cds, so little money!

Killers Maiden Japan Iron Maiden-Killers (Castle)

1."The Ides of March"-instrumental (1:45)
2."Wrathchild" (2:52)
3."Murders in the Rue Morgue" (4:17)
4."Another Life" (3:22)
5."Genghis Khan"-instrumental (3:04)
6."Innocent Exile" (3:51)
7."Killers" (5:00)
8."Twilight Zone" (2:32)
9."Prodigal Son" (6:10)
10."Purgatory" (3:19)
11."Drifter" (4:48)
1."Women in Uniform" (3:09)
2."Invasion" (2:37)
3."Phantom of the Opera"-live (7:12)
4."Running Free"-live (3:07)
5."Remember Tomorrow"-live (5:44)
6."Wrathchild"-live (2:52)
7."Killers"-live (4:50)
8."Innocent Exile"-live (3:46)

"Killers" is one of the greatest NWOBHM albums to be released. The song "Killers" is a masterpiece and would inspire many guitar players. Of course "Wrathchild" is also a favorite. When Castle released this disc with ALL of "Maiden Japan" I had to have it. It was the first bonus disc version that I bought as I had been searching for a cd version of "Maiden Japan" to replace the vinyl copy I had sold. I only recently found out that "Women in Uniform" is not a Maiden original but a cover of some obscure Australian band whose name I do not know. The bonus disc in "Killers" alone was worth the $10 I paid for the two disc set. Imagine my surprise when I found a "used" copy of this and it had JUST been released.

The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden-The Number of the Beast (Castle)

1."Invaders" (3:22)
2."Children of the Damned" (4:34)
3."The Prisoner" (6:00)
4."22, Acacia Avenue" (6:34)
5."The Number of the Beast" (4:49)
6."Run to the Hills" (3:50)
7."Gangland" (3:47)
8."Hallowed Be Thy Name" (7:11)
1."Total Eclipse" (4:28)
2."Remember Tomorrow"-live in Italy (5:27)

The first disc with Bruce Bruce (ex-Samson) on vocals and by golly if it ain't a good'n. Being a Christian and raised by Christian parents, I actually ignored this one for a short time, assuming that what all the anti-rock preachers were saying was true. Iron Maiden worship the devil!? OK, I'll give them that the lyrics aren't exactly wholesome, I mean "22, Acacia Avenue" is about a prostitute and the title track repeats "666" about a million times, but I don't think that Maiden ever expected anyone to take the lyrics as more than entertainment. It's not really different than reading a fictional story or seeing a movie in my opinion. Anyhow, once I got past that, I became an instant Iron Maiden fan. This, of course, was the first Iron Maiden album I had ever heard and owned on vinyl. Favorites? "Run to the Hills," which is one of those songs that sticks in your head forever, "Gangland" and the awesome bonus disc B-side track "Total Eclipse." I think this is the only B-side track that Maiden has ever played live. I wonder why they didn't put it on the album as I read somewhere that it was recorded during the same session. Anyhow, I had to have that song on CD so of course I spent the $$$ for the bonus disc version which only has two songs on it, as compared to the others that have 5 or more songs on them. Surely they could have dug up some more live tracks to throw on this.

This would be the last album for drummer Clive Burr, who later went on to record with Dee Snider's Desperado.

Piece of Mind Iron Maiden-Piece of Mind (Castle) enhanced and bonus disc versions

1."Where Eagles Dare" (6:10)
2."Revelations" (6:48)
3."Flight of Vicars" (3:50)
4."Die with Your Boots On" (5:25)
5."The Trooper" (4:11)
6."Still Life" (4:55)
7."Quest for Fire" (3:41)
8."Sun and Steel" (3:26)
9."To Tame a Land" (7:25)
1. "I've Got the Fire" (2:40)
2."Cross Eyed Mary" (3:53)
1. "Flight of Vicars"
2. "The Trooper"

I could have shot myself for not buying the Castle bonus disc version of this when it was available. It contains two of the coolest cover songs that Iron Maiden has ever done, besides Thin Lizzy's "Massacre" that is: Montrose's "I've Got the Fire" and Jethro Tull's "Cross-Eyed Mary." Well, wouldn't you know I was thumbing through a bunch of crappy used CDs at one of those big chain stores and found a copy with the bonus disc for $3.99. I almost fell over when I saw it sitting there after having viewed it just a few nights before for some ridiculous price on eBay $3.99 Baby...and in mint condition. That's what I call a deal!

In any case, this album is the be all and end all Iron Maiden album, in my opinion. If I was forced to live with only one Maiden album for the rest of my life this would be the album I would pick. From beginning to end "Piece of Mind" shreds! "Flight of Icarus" is an absolute marvelous song and one of my all time favorites. "Die With Your Boots On" "The Trooper," "To Tame A Land," well shoot, they're just all phenomenal. Oh and I should mention this is the first album for Nicko McBrain as well, cementing what many consider to be the classic Maiden lineup. (McBrain! Piece of Mind! HA! Quite the coincidence.)

Powerslave Iron Maiden-Powerslave (Castle) enhanced cd

1. "Aces High" (4:31)
2. "2 Minutes to Midnight" (6:04)
3. "Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)"-instrumental (4:15)
4. "Flash of the Blade" (4:05)
5. "The Duelists" (6:18)
6. "Back in the Village" (5:02)
7. "Powerslave" (7:12)
8. "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (13:45)

Iron Maiden were still at a creative and popularity peak at this point. I was still in high school when this came out and being an artist, I must have painted 20 Maiden denim jackets. Still have pictures of a few of them including the cool "2 Minutes to Midnight" 12" single with Eddie flying a fighter jet. Very cool indeed. In any case, "Powerslave" is an excellent Maiden platter. One thing that becomes very prominent on this album is the historical lyrics that would become commonplace from this point on. The tour for this album had the band selling out the biggest stadiums in the world. I remember you couldn't walk down the street in the city without seeing at least one Maiden shirt. These guys were just huge at this point. Their stage show was gigantic with the giant pyramid behind the band opening to reveal the embalmed, but still very much alive, Eddie. The tour lasted for two full years. There are a ton of great photos from this tour inside the booklet of the enhanced cd making the booklet as important as the disc itself.

I've had a few people email me and ask why I did not own this disc while I owned all the other Maiden discs. Actually I do and did own it, somehow it just got left off this page. Sorry. I can't believe it took me almost a year to notice it was missing.

Live After Death Iron Maiden-Live After Death (Castle)

1."Intro: Churchill's Speech" (0:49)
2."Aces High" (4:39)
3."2 Minutes to Midnight" (6:03)
4."The Trooper" (4:31)
5."Revelations" (6:11)
6."Flight of Icarus" (3:28)
7."Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (13:18)
8."Powerslave" (7:13)
9."The Number of the Beast" (4:53)
10."Hallowed Be Thy Name" (7:21)
11."Iron Maiden" (4:20)
12."Run to the Hills" (3:54)
13."Running Free" (8:43)
1."Wrathchild" (3:05)
2."22, Acacia Avenue" (6:18)
3."Children of the Damned" (4:36)
4."Die with Your Boots On" (5:12)
5."Phantom of the Opera" (7:23)

For years I had the very crappy CD version that excluded ALL of side four from the two record set. Well, finally the missing tracks were added to this new "enhanced CD" version in 1998. Well, before I go on to tell you about how awesome this live disc is, I have a gripe. For some stupid reason this CD screws up my PC and my MAC every time I put it in! I have other Maiden "enhanced CDs" that work just fine, so what's with this one. I even took it back to the store and picked up another copy, assuming the one I had was defective. Oh well, the videos are from the "Live After Death" video anyhow, so I guess I am not missing anything. As for the music, well, let's just say that this album is one of the greatest live albums ever, ranking up there with Judas Priest's "Unleashed in the East," Kiss' "Alive" and Thin Lizzy's "Live & Dangerous." "Scream for me Long Beach..." it's engraved in my mind forever.

Somewhere in Time Iron Maiden-Somewhere in Time (Castle)

1."Caught Somewhere in Time" (7:22)
2."Wasted Years" (5:06)
3."Sea of Madness" (5:42)
4."Heaven Can Wait" (7:24)
5."The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" (6:31)
6."Stranger in a Strange Land" (5:43)
7."Deja-Vu" (4:55)
8."Alexander the Great" (8:35)

I really dug this album at first, although many Maiden fans were turned of by the processed guitar sound. Still, I dug it and still dig it today. ("dig it?" man am I dating myself.) "Wasted Years" is one of my favorite Maiden songs. My copy is a the "enhanced CD" version. Still want the Castle 2-disc version. Someday...

Iron Maiden-Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Castle)

1."Moonchild" (5:40)
2."Infinite Dreams" (6:08)
3."Can I Play with Madness?" (3:30)
4."The Evil That Men Do" (4:33)
5."Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" (9:53)
6."The Prophecy" (5:05)
7."The Clairvoyant" (4:26)
8."Only the Good Die Young" (4:42)
1. "Black Bart Blues" (6:43)
2. "Massacre" (2:52)
3. "Prowler '88" (4:07)
4. "Charlotte The Harlot '88" (4:11)
5. "The Clairvoyant" -live (4:27)
6. "The Prisoner" -live (6:09)
7. "Infinite Dreams" -live (6:03)
8. "Killers" -live (5:03)
9. "Still Life" -live (4:39)

"Seventh Son" was a bit of a let down at first, but this album grew on me and has become one of my favorites. The letdown was originally brought on by the fact that the production is way too clean and synthesizers/keyboards are used more prominently than ever before. After the initial shock wore off, however, I realized that the songs were actually pretty good. I did manage to pick up the Castle reissue with the bonus disc on this one before they disappeared. "Massacre" is an awesome version of the Thin Lizzy classic. "Black Bart Blues" is a joke song but is amusing. The two early classics, "Prowler '88" and "Charlotte the Harlot '88," re-recorded with Bruce singing are great, with the addition of the live tracks, makes the bonus disc a great listen and almost as long as the album itself.

No PRayer for the Dying Iron Maiden-No Prayer for the Dying (Castle)

1."Tailgunner" (4:14)
2."Holy Smoke" (3:48)
3."No Prayer for the Dying" (4:22)
4."Public Enema Number One" (4:13)
5."Fates Warning" (4:09)
6."The Assassin" (4:16)
7."Run Silent Run Deep" (4:33)
8."Hooks in You" (4:06)
9."Bring Your the Slaughter" (4:43)
10."Mother Russia" (5:32)

Adrian Smith leaves and enter ex-Gillan guitarist Janick Jers, who had also played on Bruce Dickinson's "Tattooed Millionaire." Well, Janick brought nothing new to this sadly sinking ship. "No Prayer" is a pathetic album. In my opinion it is the worst of the Bruce-era Maiden discs. "Bring Your Daughter..." is a re-recorded version of Bruce Dickinson's solo version from the "Nightmare on Elm Street 5" soundtrack. The song sucked when Bruce did it and is no better here; not to mention the insipid lyrics that are a weak attempt to stir up controversy. I just recently upgraded to the "enhanced CD" version of this album. I figured if I didn't I would miss out, not unlike I did with the Castle reissue with the bonus disc.

Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark (Castle)

1. "Be Quick or Be Dead" (3:23)
2. "From Here to Eternity" (3:37)
3. "Afraid to Shoot Strangers" (6:55)
4. "Fear is the Key" (5:34)
5. "Childhood's End" (4:40)
6. "Wasting Love" (5:50)
7. "The Fugitive" (4:52)
8. "Chains of Misery" (3:37)
9. "The Apparition" (3:54)
10. "Judas Be My Guide" (3:07)
11. "Weekend Warrior" (5:38)
12. "Fear of the Dark" (7:17)
1. "Nodding Donkey Blues" (3:16)
2. "Space Station No. 5" (11:57)
3. "Roll Over Vic Vella" (4:45)
4. "I Can't See My Feelings" (3:48)
5. "No Prayer for the Dying" -live (4:24)
6. "Public Enema Number One" -live (3:57)
7. "Hooks in You"-live (3:45)

I have read so many bad reviews of this disc, but I don't think it's such a bad disc. The first two songs are, in my opinion, essential Iron Maiden. "Be Quick or Be Dead" is one of the heaviest songs Maiden has done in a long while. "Wasting Love," however, is a poor attempt at a power ballad, but even it is better than almost anything from the Blaze-era stuff. The disc as a whole is better than the abysmal "No Prayer for the Dying."

Well, I USE to have the enhanced disc version of this but I traded it off for a copy of the '95 Castle two disc version. The good news is that I have the bonus disc. The band news is that the trader promised a mint disc, but what I got was a disc that was scratched to hell in a jewel case that was literally falling apart. Anyone who knows me, also knows that I am anal about my cds. I take very good care of them. I have discs that are over ten years old that still look new. Well, I guess that is the risk you take with internet trading. Both discs play fine despite looking like they may have been used as frisbees on a beach made of sandpaper.

"Nodding Donkey Blues" is a joke tune, "Space Station No. 5" was originally reocorded by Montrose but a majority of the 11+ minutes is Bruce bellowing over an acoustic guitar about nonsense issues in a fake British accent, or in other words another joke song. "Roll Over Vic Vella" is a joke takeoff on Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven." (Hey, with all these silly joke songs, maybe they could release this as an album and call it "Diver Down.") "I Can't See My Feelings" is the first serious cover on the disc, but I am not sure who originally recorded it. Anyone know? The last three songs are live songs, all from "No Prayer for the Dying." Surprisingly the live setting makes these songs better than the studio versions. Also, if I am not mistaken, none of these songs have made it onto any other Maiden live platter. Still, this is not one of the better bonus discs, for that see "Seventh Son" or "Killers."

A Real Live One Iron Maiden-A Real Live One (Capitol)

1."Be Quick or Be Dead" (3:16)
2."From Here to Eternity" (4:17)
3."Can I Play with Madness" (4:43)
4."Wasting Love" (5:48)
5."Tailgunner" (4:11)
6."The Evil That Men Do" (5:27)
7."Afraid to Shoot Strangers" (6:47)
8."Bring Your the Slaughter" (5:18)
9."Heaven Can Wait" (7:28)
10."The Clairvoyant" (4:30)
11."Fear of the Dark" (7:13

Iron Maiden, a band who has been tearing up stages across the globe for decades sounds weak and tired on this single disc collection of recent songs. Bruce sounds like he is bored or something, probably dreaming of his solo career that would soon take flight. Anyhow, the production is ok for a live disc, but the song selection is lame. I found this copy for $2.99 so I couldn't pass it up. "A Real Live One" has recently been re-released with "A Real Dead One" as a two disc set called "A Real Live/Dead One." Think I'll get that one instead, at least it has the older material and has some songs that have yet to see release as a live version. Neither of these discs come any where near the brilliance of "Live After Death."

Iron Maiden-A Real Dead One (Castle)

1."The Number of the Beast" (4:55)
2."The Trooper" (3:56)
3."Prowler" (4:15)
4."Transylvania"--instrumental (4:26)
5."Remember Tomorrow" (5:53)
6."Where Eagles Dare" (4:49)
7."Sanctuary" (4:54)
8."Running Free" (3:48)
9."Run to the Hills" (3:58)
10."2 Minutes to Midnight" (5:37)
11."Iron Maiden" (5:25)
12."Hallowed Be Thy Name" (7:52)

Well, I found this one on eBay new & sealed for $3, so I guess what I said about getting the double disc reissue will not come to pass. This disc just proves the point that Maiden's earlier material was so much better than their later day material. This disc is so much more enjoyable than "A Real Live One." The only real negative I have to say about this is that Bruce sounds bored on both these discs. No where near the aggression of "Live After Death."

Live at Donnington Iron Maiden-Live a Donnington (Castle)

1.   "Be Quick or Be Dead" (3:54)
2.   "Number of the Beast" (4:54)
3.   "Wrathchild" (2:55)
4.   "From Here to Eternity" (4:45)
5.   "Can I Play with Madness" (3:33)
6.   "Wasting Love" (5:37)
7.   "Tailgunner" (4:07)
8.   "Evil That Men Do" (7:52)
9.   "Afraid to Shoot Strangers" (6:59)
10. "Fear of the Dark" (7:08)
11. "Bring Your Daughter...To the Slaughter" (6:12)
12. "Clairvoyant" (4:22)
13. "Run to the Hills" (7:21)

14. "2 Minutes to Midnight" (5:43)
15.  "Iron Maiden" (8:15)
16.  "Hallowed Be Thy Name" (7:28)
17.  "The Trooper" (3:52)
18.  "Sanctuary" (5:29)
19.  "Running Free" (7:54)

Now this is a good live album. "Donnington" was originally released only as a limited edition vinyl import and thus was one of the more highly sought out Maiden releases. There were a bunch of bootlegs of the album out, so I guess Maiden decided it best to re-release the album on CD and beat the bootleggers. Fine with me as I would not have paid the outrageous prices that the original or the bootlegs were going for. In any case, this was one of the last Maiden shows with Bruce, and both the band and Bruce gave it their all. Even the later day songs sound fresh and energetic. Buy this one rather than the lackluster "A Real Live/Dead One." Buy it quick too, before it goes out of print.

The X Factor Iron Maiden-The X Factor (CMC International)

1."Sign of the Cross" (11:17)
2."Lord of the Flies" (5:03)
3."Man on the Edge" (4:13)
4."Fortunes of War" (7:23)
5."Look for the Truth" (5:10)
6."The Aftermath" (6:21)
7."Judgment of Heaven" (5:12)
8."Blood on the World's Hands" (5:57)
9."The Edge of Darkness" (6:39)
10."2 A.M." (5:37)
11."The Unbeliever" (8:10)

You would think with all eyes on this band after losing one of the greatest metal vocalists in the world that they would at least get a singer who is a GOOD Bruce clone. Ex-Wolfsbane vocalist Blaze Bailey just doesn't cut it. Of course, not all the blame can be put on Blaze for this monstrosity, the songwriting just isn't there. "Man on the Edge," which is written by Gers and Bayley is one of the best songs on the disc. I bought this disc extremely cheap used. I've actually seen new copies in the cut out bins for less that $5.

Best of the Beast Iron Maiden-Best of the Beast (Castle)

1.   "The Number Of The Beast" (4:49)
2.   "Can I Play With Madness" (3:31)
3.   "Fear Of The Dark" (7:21)
4.   "Run To The Hills" (3:50)
5.   "Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter" (4:44)
6.   'The Evil That Men Do" (4:35)
7.   "Aces High" (4:31)
8.   "Be Quick Or Be Dead" (3:21)
9.   "2 Minutes To Midnight" (6:04)
10. "Man On The Edge" (4:10)
11. "Virus" (6:30)
12. "Running Free" (3:25)
13. "Wasted Years" (5:06)
14. "The Clairvoyant" (4:27)
15. "The Trooper" (4:11)
16. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" (7:10)

A "best of" compilation with a new cut,"Virus," a Blaze Bailey-era song that is not much better than the crap released on "The X Factor." Unfortunately, I have the single version of the disc which doesn't even include one Paul Dianno song. The two disc version at least has one song off the Soundhouse tapes. Also, essential songs like "Flight of Icarus" are left off for the crappy Blaze stuff. Buy the two disc import version or pass. Cool cover art!

Virtual XI Iron Maiden-Virtual XI (CMC International)

1."Futureal" (3:00)
2."The Angel and the Gambler" (9:51)
3."Lightning Strikes Twice" (4:49)
4."The Clansman" (9:06)
5."When Two Worlds Collide" (6:13)
6."The Educated Fool" (6:46)
7."Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger" (8:11)
8."Como Estais Amigos" (5:26)

Well, this one is slightly better than "X Factor" but that is really not saying much. Maiden are on auto-pilot with a bland vocalist. We want Bruce!!!

Hey, wouldn't ya know, shortly after writing that, Bruce came back. (-: Welcome back Bruce!

Ed Hunter Iron Maiden-Ed Hunter (Columbia)

1.   "Iron Maiden" -Live (4:27)
2.   "Trooper" (4:11)
3.   "Number of the Beast" (4:51)
4.   "Wrathchild" (2:45)
5.   "Futureal" (2:54)
6.   "Fear of the Dark" (7:17)
7.   "Be Quick or Be Dead" (3:24)
8.   "2 Minutes to Midnight" (6:00)
9.   "Man on the Edge" (4:11)
10.   "Aces High" (4:29)
11.   "Evil That Men Do" (4:34)
12.   "Wasted Years" (5:05)
13.   "Powerslave" (6:48)
14.   "Hallowed Be Thy Name" (7:14)
15.   "Wrathchild" w/ Bruce Dickinson (7:14)
16.   "Run to the Hills" (3:54)
17.   "Clansman" (8:59)
18.   "Phantom of the Opera" (7:06)
19.   "Killers" (5:00)
20.   "Stranger in a Strange Land" (5:43)
21.   "Tailgunner" (4:15)

This three disc set is very cool, as it contains the very entertaining Ed Hunter video game. The music is supposedly chosen by the fans through Iron Maiden's web site. I have a hard time believing that any Blaze song made it into the Top 20 by fan vote, but whatever, it's still a very good compilation and video game. Got this one as a Christmas present.

Brave New World Iron Maiden-Brave New World (Portrait/Columbia)

1. The Wicker Man (4:38)
2. Ghost of the Navigator (6:50)
3. Brave New World (6:19)
4. Blood Brothers (7:14)
5. The Mercenary (4:42)
6. Dream of Mirrors (9:21)
7. The Fallen Angel (4:01)
8. The Nomad (9:06)
9. Out of the Silent Planet (6:26)
10. The Line Between Love & Hate (8:27)

Bruce is back! Adrian Smith is back! That was reason enough for me to rush out and buy this one the day it was released. Bruce's voice alone makes this disc sound better than any of the Blaze-era discs. I don't know how I will feel in a few months but right now I'm enjoying the heck out of this disc.

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