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Rocka Rolla Judas Priest-Rocka Rolla (Gull/Reptertoire) 1974

1."One for the Road" (4:34)
2."Rocka Rolla" (3:04)
3."Winter" (1:41)
4."Deep Freeze"-instrumental (1:20)
5."Winter Retreat" (3:27)
6."Cheater" (2:55)
7."Never Satisfied" (4:50)
8."Run of the Mill" (8:30)
9."Dying to Meet You" (6:15)
10."Caviar and Meths"--instrumental (2:00)
11."Diamonds and Rust" (3:13)

Originally released in 1974. (Man, I can't believe that Priest has been around that long.) A bit different from the rest of Priest's catalogue but still a good early metal album. What this album did was announce the beginning of an era, the Heavy Metal Era! Vocalist "Bob" Halford, KK Downing, Glenn Tipton, Ian Hill and soon to be sacked drummer John Hinch released an album that draws comparisons to Black Sabbath's debut or Uriah Heep's "The Magician's Birthday." "Cheater" is the only cut that hints at what is to come. At one time I owned three cd copies of this album, each with a different cover. Finally sold off the hideous RCA cover. Still have the other two, the best of which as all the original artwork and photos, plus the bonus track, an early recording of "Diamonds and Rust." The acoustic version on "98 Live Meltdown" is downright fantastic.

Sad Wings of Destiny Judas Priest-Sad Wings of Destiny (Gull/Reptertoire) 1976

1."Victim of Changes" (7:54)
2."The Ripper" (2:50)
3."Dreamer Deceiver" (5:56)
4."Deceiver" (2:46)
5."Prelude"-instrumental (2:01)
6."Tyrant" (4:26)
7."Genocide" (5:47)
8."Epitaph" (3:16)
9."Island of Domination" (4:26)

My, my, this disc is so far superior to "Rocka Rolla" that it is almost hard to believe it's the same band. "Island of Domination" is really the only song that hints at the "Rocka Rolla" style. Judas Priest's legendary sound really started with this early masterwork. "Victim of Changes" is a classic that is still played in concert in the 1990's. "The Ripper" and "Tyrant" are both classic Judas Priest songs. "Sad Wings" is mesmerizing and helped to change the world of heavy metal. Six Feet Under, Iced Earth, Agent Steel and King Diamond have all covered "The Ripper." "Victim of Changes" has been recorded by Gamma Ray (on the Priest tribute), and Forbidden. I have also heard Destiny's End perform this song live.

Sin after Sin Judas Priest-Sin After Sin (Columbia) 1977

1."Sinner" (6:43)
2."Diamonds and Rust" (3:23)
3."Starbreaker" (4:47)
4."Last Rose of Summer" (5:38)
5."Let Us Prey" (6:14)
6."Call for the Priest/Raw Deal" (7:11)
7."Here Come the Tears" (3:36)
8."Dissident Aggressor" (3:06)

A magnificent heavy metal masterwork. "Dissident Aggressor" (covered by Slayer & Forbidden) is mind blowing. "Sinner" and "Starbreaker" are groundbreaking. Nobody was doing stuff like this in the mid 70's, which is probably why nobody yet payed attention. It would be another record before I would discover Judas Priest, and even that was years after it's release.

Stained Class Judas Priest-Stained Class (Columbia) 1978

1."Exciter" (5:34)
2."White Heat, Red Hot" (4:20)
3."Better by You, Better Than Me" (3:24)
4."Stained Class" (5:19)
5."Invader" (4:12)
6."Saints in Hell" (5:30)
7."Savage" (3:27)
8."Beyond the Realms of Death" (6:53)
9."Heroes End" (5:01)

Another genuine masterpiece! This was actually the first Priest album that I ever bought and I was hooked. "Exciter" was the coolest song I had ever heard at the time; an early speed metal classic. "Saints in Hell" is an slow doomy metal tune. (Fates Warning does an excellent version of this song on the Priest tribute.) "Beyond the Realms of Death" is one of my all time favorite songs. Helstar does a decent cover of "Beyond the Realms of Death" on "Multiples of Black." Nobody can claim to be a real metal fan and not own this disc.

Hell Bent for Leather Judas Priest-Hell Bent for Leather (Columbia) 1979

1."Delivering the Goods" (4:16)
2."Rock Fever" (3:19)
3."Evening Star" (4:04)
4."Hell Bent for Leather" (2:39)
5."Take on the World" (3:02)
6."Burnin' Up" (4:00)
7."The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown)" (3:21)
8."Killing Machine" (3:02)
9."Running Wild" (2:57)
10."Before the Dawn" (3:22)
11."Evil Fantasies" (4:13)

Released as an import titled "Killing Machine" and later released in the US with the added cut "Hell Bent for Leather." This album became Priest's trademark. The leather image would stick from here on. The music on this disc is stinking heavy! When I bought this record it dominated my turntable for a LONG time! "Burning Up" and "Delivering the Goods" were two of the heaviest songs I had ever heard at the time. I still get a charge out of both these songs. This disc, along with "Stained Class" has inspired countless metal bands, some even naming themselves after the song titles (ie. Running Wild, Exciter, Savage). "Green Manalishi" is originally by Fleetwood Mac, but I think Priest did it BEST!

Anthrax's Scott Ian & John Bush along with Whitfield Crane and ex-Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera do a great version of "Burnin' Up" on the Priest tributes.

Unleashed in the East Judas Priest -Unleashed in the East: Live in Japan (Columbia) 1979

1."Exciter" (5:37)
2."Running Wild" (2:52)
3."Sinner" (7:32)
4."Ripper" (2:41)
5."The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown)" (3:29)
6."Diamonds and Rust" (3:33)
7."Victim of Changes" (7:11)
8."Genocide" (7:21)
9."Tyrant" (4:41)
10."Rock Forever" (3:27)
11."Delivering the Goods" (4:14)
12."Hell Bent for Leather" (2:40)
13."Starbreaker" (5:59)

FINALLY with the recent Judas Priest Remastered Series, the U.S. has the full "Unleashed in the East," like Japan has had since the very beginning. So, I traded in my original version and bought the remastered version. This album is an absolute classic. This is one of those live albums that enhances the music rather than making it sound worse. (For an example of really poor live album see Nuclear Assault's- "Live at the Hammersmith Odeon.") Somehow these already incredible songs sound even better in a live setting. Gotta love those Japanese crowds. The re-issue also contains a nice full color booklet with photos from this era of the band.

British Steel Judas Priest-British Steel (Columbia) 1980

1."Breaking the Law" (2:33)
2."Rapid Fire" (4:07)
3."Metal Gods" (3:58)
4."Grinder" (3:57)
5."United" (3:30)
6."Living After Midnight" (3:29)
7."Don't Have to be Old to be Wise" (5:03)
8."The Rage" (4:44)
9."Steeler" (4:30)

All ya gotta do is read the list of song titles! This is as classic as they come. The songs seemed to be a bit simpler than past releases but every song has a bone-crushing riff to enable you to bang your head. Oh, and is there a better album to rock in the car? I doubt it! Almost every song on this one has been covered by one band or another. On the Priest tribute U.D.O. did a killer version of "Metal Gods," Kreator-"Grinder," and Testament- "Rapid Fire." Hammerfall performs "Living After Midnight" live as well. "British Steel" is the metal album that helped usher in the 1980's heavy metal craze.

Point of Entry Judas Priest-Point of Entry (Columbia) 1981

1."Heading Out to the Highway" (3:44)
2."Don't Go" (3:17)
3."Hot Rockin'" (3:14)
4."Turning Circles" (3:39)
5."Desert Plains" (4:30)
6."Solar Angels" (4:02)
7."You Say Yes" (3:25)
8."All the Way" (3:47)
9."Troubleshooter" (3:57)
10."On the Run" (3:41)

I guess most people considered this a bland album compared to what came before and after it, but I like it. "Desert Plains," "Soloar Angels," "Hot Rockin,'" and of course, "Heading Out to the Highway" are all great songs. "You Say Yes" is sort of dumb, but otherwise this is a great heavy metal album. This one is actually available with two different covers. The one I have pictured is the American version.

Screaming for Vengeacne Judas Priest-Screaming for Vengeance (Columbia) 1982

1."The Hellion"-instrumental (0:41)
2."Electric Eye" (3:39)
3."Riding on the Wind" (3:07)
4."Bloodstone" (3:51)
5."(Take These) Chains" (3:07)
6."Pain and Pleasure" (4:17)
7."Screaming for Vengeance" (4:43)
8."You've Got Another Thing Comin'" (5:09)
9."Fever" (5:20)
10."Devil's Child" (4:48)

This album defines metal for me. This was the second Priest album I ever bought and I thought it was the stinkin' heaviest thing I had ever heard. "You've Got Another Thing Comin'," despite being overplayed at the time, is an awesome song. I remember the video with the kid headbanging at the video game. Shoot I still start banging the ol' head when this album comes one. Not a bad song on this one. I bought TONS of bootlegs from this tour when I was collecting vinyl. Wish I still had some of them. Priest toured the US with Iron Maiden on for this one. Now that was a tour! Wish I could have seen it but alas I was still under the authority of my parents at that time and I was not allowed to go.

Saxon recorded "You've Got Another Thing Comin,'" Helloween does an ok version of "The Hellion/Electric Eye," and Stratovarious does a cool version of "Bloodstone" on the Priest tribute.

Defenders of the Faith Judas Priest-Defenders of the Faith (Columbia) 1984

1."Freewheel Burning" (4:24)
2."Jawbreaker" (3:27)
3."Rock Hard Ride Free" (5:35)
4."The Sentinel" (5:04)
5."Love Bites" (4:47)
6."Eat Me Alive" (3:34)
7."Some Heads Are Gonna Roll" (4:07)
8."Night Comes Down" (4:00)
9."Heavy Duty" (2:25)
10."Defenders of the Faith" (1:32)

I was there rocking with the Priest on the "Defenders" tour. I followed them to Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York. (I think it was Great White who opened for them on this tour.) Anyhow, I was a HUGE Priest fan by this time. "Freewheel Burning" is one of the fastest songs Priest had done to this point, and contains one of the coolest guitar solos ever. Essential Priest! Nevermore does a killer version of "Love Bites" on the Judas Priest tribute.

Judas Priest-ABC Defenders (cdr)
Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA, 5/5/1984

  1. "Love Bites" (5:50)
  2. "Jawbreaker" (3:54)
  3. "Grinder" (4:09)
  4. "Metal Gods" (4:05)
  5. "Breaking the Law" (2:36)
  6. "Desert Plains" (4:41)
  7. "Some Heads Are Gonna Role" (4:29)
  8. "The Sentinel" (5:53)
  9. "Rock Hard, Ride Free" (2:56)
  10. "Helion/Electric Eye" (4:08)
  11. "Freewheel Burning" (4:33)
  12. "Victim of Changes" (9:39)
  13. "Green Manalishi" (5:03)
  14. "Living After Midnight" (3:52)

Fabulous show, excellent sound, shoot, I think I'd rather listen to this than the officially released live album from the tour after this one. I actually attended two shows from this tour when I lived on the East Coast, going to both the New Jersey Meadowland Arena and Philadelphia Spectrum shows. If I am not mistaken, I think it was Great White that opened up for Priest on this tour. In anycase, this California show is fabulous and features some tight performances from the mighty men of metal. This concert is from a radio broadcast was broadcast on ABC, thus the name of the cd. The sound quality is better than some officially released live albums. (A+)

Turbo Judas Priest-Turbo (Columbia) 1986

1."Turbo Lover" (5:33)
2."Locked In" (4:19)
3."Private Property" (4:29)
4."Parental Guidance" (3:25)
5."Rock You All Around the World" (3:37)
6."Out in the Cold" (6:27)
7."Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days" (4:39)
8."Hot for Love" (4:12)
9."Reckless" (4:17)

Hmm, they lost me on this one. Everybody who was a true Priest fan thought they had sold out. "Parental Guidance" was a stupid anthem but was a huge hit for them. This was the kind of crap that was popular at the time with bands like Twisted Sister ruling the charts. The production reeked of pop metal with, God forbid, synthesizers, keyboards and a very sterile production. (Oh the travesty of it all!) There are some cool songs buried within. "Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days" would have been a great song had it not been for the lame production. It's funny but when I saw Priest in 1998, they played songs from EVERY one of their albums except "Rocka Rolla" and this one. I wonder why?

Priest...Live! Judas Priest-Priest...Live! (Columbia) 1987

1."Out in the Cold" (6:40)
2."Heading Out to the Highway" (4:30)
3."Metal Gods" (4:20)
4."Breaking the Law" (2:37)
5."Love Bites" (5:16)
6."Some Heads Are Gonna Roll" (4:09)
7."The Sentinel" (5:05)
8."Private Property" (4:17)
9."Rock You All Around the World" (3:46)
10."Electric Eye" (4:20)
11."Turbo Lover" (5:53)
12."Freewheel Burning" (4:55)
13."Parental Guidance" (4:10)
14."Living after Midnight" (6:16)
15."You've Got Another Thing Coming" (7:46)

Not nearly as important an album as "Unleashed in the East." This live album was recorded during the "Turbo" tour. Not much to say about this one. Terrible album cover to boot.

Ram It Down Judas Priest-Ram it Down (Columbia) 1988

1."Ram it Down" (4:48)
2."Heavy Metal" (5:57)
3."Love Zone" (3:58)
4."Come and Get It" (4:07)
5."Hard as Iron" (4:08)
6."Blood Red Skies" (7:50)
7."I'm a Rocker" (3:58)
8."Johnny B. Goode" (4:38)
9."Love You to Death" (4:36)
10."Monsters of Rock" (5:31)

Judas Priest should never have covered "Johnny B. Goode." Despite this aweful song, the rest of the album is an improvement over "Turbo" and is a step closer to the masterpiece that is to come. Thankfully Priest decided to drop the synthesizer crap and the overly pop metal production. The mighty Priest doing a song called "Heavy Metal" has got to be good. Other favorites are "Blood Red Skies" and "Love Zone."

Pankiller Judas Priest-Painkiller (Columbia) 1990

1."Painkiller" (6:05)
2."Hell Patrol" (3:36)
3."All Guns Blazing" (3:56)
4."Leather Rebel" (3:35)
5."Metal Meltdown" (4:47)
6."Night Crawler" (5:44)
7."Between the Hammer & the Anvil" (4:48)
8."A Touch of Evil" (5:45)
9."Battle Hymn"-instrumental (0:56)
10."One Shot at Glory" (6:48)

In my opinion this album is a masterpiece of pure HEAVY METAL! "Painkiller," the song, is an outstanding speed metal number with Halford singing like his life depended on it. No doubt, I thought these guys would rule the world with this one. Unfortunately, this would be the last Priest album with Halford as he would soon split to form Fight.

Jugulator Judas Priest-Jugulator (CMC International) 1997

1."Jugulator" (5:51)
2."Blood Stained" (5:26)
3."Dead Meat" (4:44)
4."Death Row" (5:04)
5."Decapitate" (4:39)
6."Burn in Hell" (6:42)
7."Brain Dead" (5:24)
8."Abductors" (5:49)
9."Bullet Train" (5:11)
10."Cathedral Spires" (9:17)

I was like everybody else who thought that Judas Priest couldn't possibly go on without the mighty lungs of Rob Halford. I am not ashamed to admit I was WRONG! I'm glad I was wrong. I was certain that Judas Priest was destined to follow in the footsteps of Iron Maiden, who became a shadow of their former selves. Fortunately CMC made a wise decision and gave away free pre-release cassettes of "Bullet Train." That one song had me hooked and I bought a copy of "Jugulator" the day it was released. Initially I loved this disc and gave it repeated listens. Now that a couple years have past I can honestly say that a few songs got old, but there are some fantastic songs on this disc that will probably remain favorites. Of course "Bullet Train" which is an awesome speed metal tune in the vein of "Painkiller." Other favorites are "Burn in Hell" and "Cathedral Spires." Scof if you will but I think "Jugulator" is essential Priest.

Meltdown Judas Priest-'98 Live Meltdown (CMC International) 1998

Disc 1
1."The Hellion"--instrumental (1:08)
2."Electric Eye" (3:47)
3."Metal Gods" (4:09)
4."Grinder" (4:26)
5."Rapid Fire" (4:24)
6."Blood Stained" (5:08)
7."The Sentinel" (5:46)
8."Touch of Evil" (5:51)
9."Burn in Hell" (5:34)
10."The Ripper" (3:51)
11."Bullet Train" (5:58)
12."Beyond the Realms of Death" (7:13)
13."Death Row" (4:24)

Disc 2
1."Metal Meltdown" (5:02)
2."Night Crawler" (6:11)
3."Abductors" (5:54)
4."Victim of Changes" (8:31)
5."Diamonds & Rust" (3:54)
6."Breaking the Law" (2:36)
7."The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown)" (4:53)
8."Painkiller" (6:28)
9."You've Got Another Thing Coming" (8:35)
10."Hell Bent for Leather" (3:48)
11."Living After Midnight" (6:03)

What can you say? As Ripper said, "The Priest is back!" This two-disc set is a killer repertoire of a band who's career has spaned three decades. This disc has everything a true fan would want, songs from almost every cd except the insipid "Turbo," lots of pics, lots of energy and tons of Priest attitude. I actually saw them on the "Jugulator" tour and they put on a killer show. It was quite nice being able to see them in a smaller venue after seeing them in the giant stadiums for years. The one thing that was/is missing is Rob Halford, but Ripper Owens does a more than adequate job of filling those hard to fill shoes. He especially sang well on the "acoustic" version of "Diamonds & Rus" proving what a phenomenal vocalist he is.

Demolition Judas Priest-Demolition (Atlantic) 2001

1. "Machine Man" (5:35)
2. "One On One" (6:45)
3. "Hell Is Home" (6:19)
4. "Jekyll And Hyde" (3:20)
5. "Close To You" (4:29)
6. "Devil Digger" (4:46)
7. "Bloodsuckers" (6:19)
8. "In Between" (5:41)
9. "Feed On Me" (5:29)
10. "Subterfuge" (5:12)
11. "Lost And Found" (4:58)
12. "Cyberface" (6:47)
13. "Metal Messiah" (5:15)

There seems to be unanimous decision on this disc. Every review I have read so far claims that this disc is a strong album but that the music is so far removed from traditional Judas Priest that it should have been released under a different name or something. As I sit listening to this disc for the second time since I purchased it, I can understand why they might think this, but I really don't think this disc is that different from the last 'Ripper' Owens led Priest offering. Granted there are a few more modern moments (see "In Between" & "Subterfuge") on the disc and the production screams of modern technology, but overall the playing style and songwriting is a natural progression from "Jugulator." With the news of Priest signing to Atlantic, I sort of figured that they would not be releasing "British Steel" Part 2. As I have said numerous times in reviews, nothing can destroy a good metal band like a big label. Atlantic have especially been known to do this. So, I suppose if you were looking for the old "Breaking the Law" Judas Priest then this disc would be a big disappointment as it's much heavier and darker than those early 80's offerings. I, however, don't see this as the big sellout to nu-metal that most seem to think it is. Am I just a Priest die-hard who thinks they can do no wrong? Not at all, but I also don't think there is anything wrong with the band pushing themselves a bit musically. After all with song titles like "Metal Messiah" how far removed could they be?

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