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Nuclear Assault were formed originally as a side project of John Connelly and Danny Lilker, after leaving Anthrax. While Nuclear Assault never received the recognition of the big four (Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica), they were one of the first to successfully fuse speed metal with hardcore, long before it was popular to do so. Glen Evans was formerly of TT Quick.

Nuclear Assault-Game Over/The Plague (Combat) 1986/1987

1. "Live, Suffer, Die"-instrumental (1:05)
2. "Sin" (3:22)
3. "Cold Steel" (2:41)
4. "Betrayal" (2:58)
5. "Radiation Sickness" (2:47)
6. "Hang the Pope..." (0:43)
7. "After the Holocaust" (3:42)
8. "Mr. Softee Theme"-instrumental (0:25)
9. "Stranded in Hell" (3:35)
10."Nuclear War" (3:44)
11."My America" (0:31)
12."Vengeance" (2:47)
13."Brain Death" (7:14)
14."Game Over"-instrumental (2:36)
15."Nightmares" (3:56)
16."(You Figure it Out)" (2:54)
17."Justice" (4:17)
18."The Plague" (4:54)
19."Cross of Iron" (3:38)

Use to own both of these on vinyl. Both are classics, but I always particularly liked the humerous "(You Figure it Out)." Freaking hilarious. Regardless, this was faster and heavier than anyone else.

Nuclear Assault-Survive! (Combat) 1988

1. "Rise from the Ashes" (3:04)
2. "Brainwashed" (2:40)
3. "F#" (2:36)
4. "Survive" (2:58)
5. "Fight to be Free" (4:22)
6. "Got Another Quarter" (0:19)
7. "Great Depression" (3:30)
8. "Wired" (3:03)
9. "Equal Rights" (2:58)
10."P.S.A." (0:08)
11."Technology" (3:13)
12."Good Times, Bad Times" (2:14)

Very similar to the first album but with better production. "Brainwashed" and "Equal Rights" are my two favorites off this one. The cover of Led Zeppelin's "Good Times, Bad Times" is sort of lame. Otherwise, a classic thrash disc.

Nuclear Assault-Fight to be Free/Brain Death (Under One Flag) 1988

1. "Fight to be Free" (4:22)
2. "Equal Rights" (2:58)
3. "Stand Up" (2:44)
4. "Brain Death" (7:14)
5. "Final Flight" (2:24)
6. "Demolition" (4:20)

This was a sweet find. I told a friend of mine in Germany that I was looking for this ep. It was a bit of luck that within the next week he found a copy in a used cd store for almost nothing. It seems this little ep is almost impossible to find. Sometimes you just get lucky. As for the music on this EP, well, it's prime Nuclear Assualt. Thrash metal at it's best.

Nuclear Assault-Handle with Care (Relativity) 1989

1. "New Song" (2:57)
2. "Critical Mass" (3:18)
3. "Inherited Hell" (3:29)
4. "Surgery" (2:44)
5. "Emergency" (3:19)
6. "Funky Noise"--instrumental (0:50)
7. "F-Natural (Wake Up)" (2:57)
8. "When Freedom Dies" (2:32)
9. "Search & Seizure" (4:10)
10."Torture Tactics" (2:22)
11."Mother's Day" (0:31)
12."Trail of Tears" (5:43)

Nuclear Assault hit their stride on this thrash masterpiece! Never received the recognition of the big four (Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica), but Nuclear Assault was one of the first to successfully fuse speed metal with hardcore. The very definition of thrash metal! Still retaining the mix of humor and political incorrectness. Bought my cd copy used for $5.99.

Nuclear Assault-Live at the Hammersmith Odeon (Relativity) 1990

1. "New Song" (3:11)
2. "Critical Mass" (3:17)
3. "Game Over"-instrumental (2:29)
4. "Nightmares" (3:56)
5. "Butt F**k" (3:54)
6. "Survive" (3:41)
7. "Torture Tactics" (2:08)
8. "Trail of Tears" (3:57)
9. "Mother's Day" (1:00)
10."My America" (0:40)
11."Hang the Pope..." (0:50)
12."Lesbians" (1:21)
13."Funky Noise"-instrumental (0:51)
14."Good Times, Bad Times" (2:41)

A live recording from the "Handle with Care" tour that I have dubbed the "worst live album of all time." Sloppy, noisy, and too many short songs. Just flat out lame!

Nuclear Assault-Out of Order (I.R.S.) 1991

1. "Sign in Blood" (3:47)
2. "Fashion Junkie" (3:44)
3. "Too Young to Die" (3:51)
4. "Preaching to the Deaf" (4:49)
5. "Resurrection" (5:12)
6. "Stop Wait Think" (5:02)
7. "Doctor Butcher" (3:42)
8. "Quocustodiat" (2:35)
9. "Hypocrisy" (2:49)
10."Save the Planet"--instrumental (6:36)
11."Ballroom Blitz" (3:57)

I own this one but hardly ever listen to it as it is nowhere near as good as any of the earlier studio albums. I don't know, I don't hate it, I just don't play it much. "Ballroom Blitz" a Sweet song which was also covered by Krokus.

Nuclear Assault-Something Wicked (I.R.S.) 1993

1. "Something Wicked" (4:40)
2. "Another Violent End" (5:08)
3. "Behind Glass Walls" (4:09)
4. "Chaos" (3:56)
5. "The Forge" (5:12)
6. "No Time" (5:18)
7. "To Serve Man" (2:26)
8. "Madness Descends" (4:30)
9. "Poetic Justice" (2:47)
10."Art" (0:08)
11."The Other End"-instrumental (0:38)

Dan Lilker left the band to join death metal band Brutal Truth, so of course, the band's sound changed. John Connelly and Glen Evans brought his bud Dave DiPietro from TT Quick. "Something Wicked" slows down a bit and adds a bit more groove. It may sound trite, bit this disc really does sound like a mix of Nuclear Assault and TT Quick. Everybody I have ever talked to hated this album, but I like it. It's still heavy but a bit more accessible. I still listen to this one quite a bit.

Nuclear Assault-Assault & Battery (Receiver) 1997

1."Happy Days" (3:45)
2."Enter Darkness" (3:20)
3."Leaders" (3:54)
4."Hang the Pope" (0:41)
5."Radiation Sickness" (2:39)
6."Hypocrisy" (3:07)
7."Behind Glass Walls" (4:10)
8."No Time" (4:02)
9."Hour Shower" (1:00)
10."Sadam" (2:36)
11."Preaching to the Deaf" (4:31)
12."Hang the Pope" (0:49)
13."Ping"-live (0:11)
14."Torture Tactics"-live (2:30)
15."Fight to be Free"-live (5:13)
16."Trail of Tears"-live (5:21)
17."Ping Again"-live (0:12)
18."Butt F**k"-live (3:49)

A disc for dedicated fans and completists. This is full of unreleased songs, demo cuts, experimental peices and really poorly recorded live material. "Happy Days" (yes, the one from the TV show) is funny. "Saddam" is an annoying techno song?!?! Otherwise there is some cool thrash material mixed in here for those who have to own everything these guys ever did, like me.

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