Krokus were a heavy-metal outfit from Switzerland that took success to their heads and started writing pop-laden crap. Their earlier releases had a distinct AC/DC sound to them. They finally found their niche with "Headhunter" then totally blew it with their next release "The Blitz." It went downhill from there.

Headhunter Krokus-Headhunter (Arista)

1."Headhunter" (4:28)
2."Eat the Rich" (4:13)
3."Screaming in the Night" (6:44)
4."Ready to Burn" (3:54)
5."Night Wolf" (4:10)
6."Stayed Awake All Night" (4:41)
7."Stand and be Counted" (4:07)
8."White Din"--instrumental (1:50)
9."Russian Winter" (3:31)

Really the only album I am interested in by this band, except for maybe "One Vice At a Time," the album that came out right before this one. Unfortunately after putting out this killer release, Krokus tasted a little success with "Screaming in the Night" so they tried to become more commercial with each new release, and as a result sucked! This album, however, smokes from beginning to end. Lots of cool heavy metal rockers like "Eat the Rich", "Russian Winter," and even the BTO cover "Stayed Awake All Night." Even the "Screaming in the Night" is a cool song. Rob Halford (Judas Priest/Fight) sang some background vocals on this album and you can really pick out his voice when he does.

Krokus-The Blitz (Spitfire) 1984

1."Midnite Maniac" (3:59)
2."Out of Control" (4:15)
3."Boys Nite Out" (3:38)
4."Our Love (Will Never Die)" (4:35)
5."Out to Lunch" (4:20)
6."Ballroom Blitz" (4:00)
7."Rock the Nation" (4:41)
8."Hot Stuff" (4:36)
9."Ready to Rock" (4:30)

Not a terrible album, but certainly the start of their downard spiral and nowhere near what 'Headhunter' or 'One Vice at a Time' were. There are still some cool rockers on this disc, including the somewhat commercial "Midnight Maniac", which gained them some heavy radio and MTV play. The power ballad "Our Love" also recieved some radio play, as did their cover of Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz." Found this disc still sealed for only $3.99.

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