Armored Saint
A classic power metal band who, unfortunately, are one of the most underrated band in the history of metal and will probably be more remembered as the band that John Bush was in before Anthrax.

Saints Will Conquer Armored Saint-Saints Will Conquer (Metal Blade) 1984

1."March of the Saint" (4:11)
2."Can U Deliver" (3:34)
3."Mad House" (3:53)
4."Take a Turn" (3:50)
5."Seducer" (3:49)
6."Mutiny on the World" (3:29)
7."Glory Hunter" (5:09)
8."Stricken by Fate" (3:30)
9."Envy" (2:56)
10."False Alarm" (4:14)

I love this album. I mean it's just 100% nastolgia here! Great power metal and I really dug John Bush's vocals.

Armored Saint | Delerious Nomad Armored Saint-Delirious Nomad (Metal Blade) 1985

1. "Long Before I Die" (2:48)
2. "Nervous Man" (3:59)
3. "Over the Edge" (4:49)
4. "The Laugh" (4:19)
5. "Conqueror" (4:26)
6. "For the Sake" (4:21)
7. "Aftermath" (5:30)
8. "In the Hole" (3:50)
9. "You're Never Alone" (4:37)
10."Released" (3:04)

"Delerious Nomad" is power metal! Armored Saint's production improved 10x over their debut. John Bush's vocals are stronger and more powerful. This cd is a superb follow-up to their excellent debut. This album was originally issue on Chrysalis but has since been re-issued on Metal Blade.

Armored Saint-Saints Will Conquer (Metal Blade) 1988

1. "Raising Fear" (3:32)
2. "Nervous Man" (3:33)
3. "Chemical Euphoria" (4:10)
4. "Book of Blood" (4:45)
5. "Can U Deliver" (4:32)
6. "Long Before I Die" (2:42)
7. "Madhouse" (4:21)
8. "No Reason to Live"-studio track (4:01)

A short live album that showcased one of America's finest power metal bands at their prime. Also features an early studio demo song called "No Reason to Live."

Raising Fear Armored Saint-Raising Fear (Chrysalis) 1988

1."Raising Fear" (3:50)
2."Saturday Night Special" (4:23)
3."Out on a Limb" (3:33)
4."Isolation" (6:00)
5."Chemical Euphoria" (4:45)
6."Crisis of Life" (4:05)
7."Frozen Will/Legacy" (6:00)
8."Human Vulture" (5:26)
9."Book of Blood" (4:41)
10."Terror" (4:44)
11."Underdogs" (4:18)

This would be the last Armored Saint album for guitarist Dave Pritchard who died of leukemia a few years after it's release. His last album was also one of his best. "Raising Fear" is one heavy album. Features an excellent Skynyrd cover "Saturday Night Special."

Armored Saint-Symbol of Salvation (Metal Blade) 1991

1."Reign of Fire" (3:57)
2."Dropping Like Flies" (4:39)
3."Last Train Home" (5:18)
4."Tribal Dance" (4:07)
5."The Truth Always Hurts" (4:19)
6."Half Drawn Bridge"-instrumental (1:27)
7."Another Day" (5:32)
8."Symbol of Salvation" (4:35)
9."Hanging Judge" (3:45)
10."Warzone" (3:38)
11."Burning Question" (4:18)
12."Tainted Past" (7:04)
13."Spineless" (4:16)

Armored Saint releases their finest effort to date. This one came out shortly after the death of original guitarist Dave Pritchard. In any case, this is a classic metal platter. Soon after it's release, however, John Bush was snapped up by Anthrax. Joey Vera went on to be with Fates Warning.

Revelation Armored Saint-Revelation (Metal Blade) 1999

1. "Pay Dirt" (4:12)
2. "Pillar" (4:58)
3. "After Me, the Flood" (5:07)
4. "Tension" (5:23)
5. "Creepy Feelings" (5:24)
6. "Damaged" (6:30)
7. "Den of Theives" (6:03)
8. "Control Issues" (6:22)
9. "No Me Digas" (5:05)
10. "Deep Rooted Anger" (5:19)
11. "What's Your Pleasure" (3:06)
12. "Upon My Departure" (4:40)

With Anthrax's Scott Ian and Charlie Benante off running around with S.O.D., John Bush got together with ex-Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera (now with Fates Warning) and decided to reconvene the Saint's Symbol of Salvation-era lineup. Thankfully they haven't gone for the "modern" sound but have stuck to traditional heavy metal with hints of speed and thrash metal. Really, this disc almost sounds like the band never broke up.

Nod to the Old School Armored Saint-Nod to the Old School (Metal Blade) 2001

1. "Real Swagger" (4:20)
2. "Unstable" (4:48)
3. "March of the Saint" -2001 version (3:55)
4. "Day of the Eagle" (5:32)
5. "Never Satisfied" (4:35)
6. "Tainted Past" -2001 acoustic version (3:13)
7. "After Me, the Flood" -live (5:13)
8. "Creepy Feelings" -live (4:55)
9. "Lesson Well Learned" (2:52)
10. "False Alarm" (4:02)
11. "On the Way" (4:43)
12. "Stricken by Fate " (3:28)
13. "You Can Run But You Can't Hide" (4:14)
14. "Betty '79" (:54)
15. "People" (4:07)
16. "Get Lost" (3:41)
17. "Tongue and Cheek" (4:27)
18. "Pirates" (3:09)

Well it certainly can't be said that Armored Saint ever were 'new school' nor have they really ridden any trends, but one bandwagon they did jump on is the current trend to release compilations of rare material, a trend that I like, being a collector of rare metal. 'Nod to the Old School' is a very nice odds and sods disc for their fans, as it compiles new studio tracks, live songs from their 2000 tour, all tracks from the original 1983 EP, soundtrack inclusions, old demo recordings with original guitarist Dave Prichard, who passed away from leukemia and a few other rarities. Among the new studio tracks is a remake of "March of the Saint" as well as three new songs recorded in 2001, an acoustic version of Symbol of Salvation's "Tainted Past", and 'Never Satisfied,' a song apparently recorded during the 'Revelation' sessions. All these songs are superb. I especially enjoyed the re-recorded version of 'March of the Saint.' The production being so much heavier that the 80's version, I think I actually like this new version better. There are a few very cool cover songs on this disc as well. It's about time some metal band payed homage to Robin Trower, one of the innovators of the heavy guitar sound. Armored Saint do a fine metallic version of 'Day of the Eagle.' And what metal band could release a cd like this without paying homage to the mighty Priest? Armored Saint's inclusion is "Never Satisfied" from the tribute 'Tributo a Judas Priest: Metal Gods'. The inclusion of their original EP is nice, and even the demo tracks aren't bad for four track recordings. Nice packaging as well with photos old and new and sufficient liner notes. Overall, one of the better odds and sods cds to be released.

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