(Stormtroopers of Death)

S.O.D. was a side project of Anthrax's Charlie Benante and Scott Ian, along with Nuclear Assault's Danny Lilker (who also played with Anthrax for a spell) plus Billy Milano on vocals.

Speak English Platinum S.O.D.-Speak English or Die-Platinum Edition (Megaforce) 1985

1.   "March of the S.O.D." (1:27)
2.   "Sergeant "D" & The S.O.D." (2:23)
3.   "Kill Yourself" (2:11)
4.   "Milano Mosh" (1:32)
5.   "Speak English or Die" (2:24)
6.   "United Forces" (1:53)
7.   "Chromatic Death" (:43)
8.   "Pi Alpha Nu" (1:09)
9.   "Anti-Procrastination Song" (:06)
10. "What's That Noise" (1:00)
11. "Freddy Krueger" (2:32)
12. "Milk" (1:54)
13. "Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues" (1:20)
14. "Pussy Whipped" (2:14)
15. "Fist Banging Mania" (2:04)
16. "No Turning Back" (:52)
17. "F*** the Middle East" (:27)
18. "Douche Chew" (1:35)
19. "Hey Gordy!" (:07)
20. "Ballad of Jimi Hendrix" (:04)
21. "Diamonds and Rust (Extended Version)" (:02)
22. "Identity" (2:50)
23. "Go" (2:01)
24. "March Of The S.O.D./Sargent 'D' -live (1:07)
25. "Kill Yourself" -live (4:25)
26. "Milano Mosh" -live (4:08)
27. "Speak English Or Die" -live (2:09)
28. "Fuck The Middle East/Douche Crew" -live (4:31)
29. "Not/Momo/Taint/The Camel Boy/Diamonds And Rust/Anti-Procrastination Song" -live (3:11)
30. "Milk" -live (1:24)
31. "United Forces" -live (4:08)
32. "United Forces Part 2" -live (3:27)
33. "Ram It Up" (1:17)

YUP! S.O.D.'s "Speak English or Die" was an important record in the fusion of hardcore, punk, thrash and speed metal, a style which dominated the 90's. Ironically, the record that inspired an entire scene was recorded as a joke and the themes of the songs themselves are intentionally goofy, funny and/or sexist. Even the cover of St. D was a joke/rip-off of Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie. The record has sold over a million copies without the help of radioplay which makes the album even more ironic. In 2000 a platinum edition of the disc was released.

Speak English or Die-Platinum Edition
Well, now I have two versions of this cd. Found the 'Platinum Edition' used for $5, so I snagged it for the bonus tracks. The liner notes are better than the original, plus there is a new collage of photos, although I could have lived without seeing Billy Milano's naked butt. The Platinum Edition was released to commemorate the fact that the album has sold more than one million copies. Pretty funny considering this album was recorded as a bit of a joke, or a side project of the Anthrax dudes. Anyhow, the bonus tracks included two new excllent studio tracks and a bunch of live material from Tokyo. Well worth the $5 I paid. I would have paid that much if the two studio tracks and the live material was released on it's own as a EP.

On vinyl: S.O.D.-Seasoning the Obese single (Howling Bull) -on yellow vinyl

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