G O T H I C... K N I G H T S

Kingdom of Knights Gothic Knights-Kingdom of the Knights (Sentinel Steel) 1999

1. "At Dawn You Die" (6:48)
2. "War in the Sky" (4:21)
3. "Ring of Souls" (5:24)
4. "Song of Roland" (7:17)
5. "Demons Buried Within" (3:58)
6. "The Evil Wizard" (5:32)
7. "Keeper of the Gate" (7:40)
8. "The Ripper" (2:52)

Disc number two for the Knights of galloping heavy metal. I'm not exactly sure what to make of this band. On the one hand I love the galloping heavy metal and the 'hail brothers of metal' attitude, yet on the other hand there is something almost commical and non-serious about the Gothic Knights. The music is tight and proficient and the vocalist is quite good. They pull off a commendable rendition of Judas Priest's 'The Ripper' as well. Still, I can't say that I was totally won over on the first few listens like fellow Knights of Metal Hammerfall or Nocturnal Rites did when I first heard them. Perhaps with more listens this one will grow on me. Picked up this disc from Molten Metal.

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