g//z/r-Plastic Planet

1."Catatonic Eclipse" (7:10)
2."Drive-Boy, Shooting" (4:17)
3."Giving Up the Ghost" (5:12)
4."Plastic Planet" (3:19)
5."The Invisible" (3:43)
6."Seance Fiction" (5:55)
7."House of Clouds" (3:43)
8."Detective 27" (3:09)
9."X13" (4:05)
10."Sci-Clone" (3:43)
11."Cycle of Sixty" (3:02)

A side project of Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler with Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) on vocals. Rather than sounding like a Black Sabbath album, this sounds more like the industrial metal Fear Factory. Heavy but somewhat disappointing in my opinion. Glad Geezer decided to hook back up with Sabbath.

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