B . O . O . T . L . E . G . S

Kiss-Cleveland, OH 1975 (cdr)

1. "Hotter than Hell" (3:40)
2. "Firehouse" (3:47)
3. "Black Diamond" (5:34)
4. "Let Me Know" (4:03)
5. "Rock and Roll All Night" (3:39)
6. "Deuce" (3:36)
7. "Strutter" (3:11)
8. "Beth" (1:48)
9. "I Stole Your Love" (3:13)
10."Ladies Room" (2:22)

Hmmm, this cdr bootleg is labeled Cleveland '75 and while some of it may be from that show, not all of it is. Certainly tracks like 'Beth' and 'I Stole Your Love' are not from '75. The sound quality varies from track to track with the first five being excellent, but then going down a bit from there, only to get better again on "I Stole Your Love" and "Ladies Room." I'm sure some Kiss fan can confirm this for me, but if I am not mistaken this set of tracks was also released on vinyl as 'Fried Alive.' Also, if anyone has cover art for this show, I'd love to get a copy.

Rock andd Roll All Nite Kiss-Rock and Roll All Nite (Big Music/BIG093)
Live in Toronto, Canada 1976

1. "Detroit Rock City" (3:51)
2. "King of the Nightime World" (3:27)
3. "Let Me Go Rock & Roll" (3:12)
4. "Strutter" (3:45)
5. "Hotter than Hell/Nothing to Lose" (7:30)
6. "Cold Gin/Ace Frehley guitar solo" (7:56)
7. "Shout it Out Loud" (2:47)
8. "Do You Love Me" (3:42)
9. "Gene Simmons bass solo/God of Thunder/Peter Criss drum solo" (7:45)
10. "Rock & Roll All Night/Deuce" (5:13)
11. "Firehouse" (4:47)
12. "Black Diamond" (6:16)

As bootlegs go, this one is average to slightly above average (B - B+). It's one of those discs that you have to listen to for a few minutes for you ears to adjust to the less than perfect sound. The music is probably a sound board recording as the music and vocals are clear and there is barely any crowd noise at all, which actually sounds a bit weird. It's funny hearing Paul talk to the crowd without a response, especially knowing that KISS were at a popularity high during this tour. The selection of music is very good and the performance isn't bad, although it's discs like this that make it painfully obvious how much studio work was done on Alive and Alive II to make them sound superior. Just from the sound of the vocals alone, you can tell that they band was putting on one hell of a show. The cover art is excellent featuring tons of very cool photos. As usual with bootlegs, however, the photos are not all taken from the same time period in the bands history as there is a large photo on the foldout of Kiss the "Dynasty"-era. Picked up this original (silver) cd on eBay for $9.99. I was actually surprised that no one overbid me on this one.

Kiss - London, England - Sept. 9, 1980 (cdr)

  1. "Detroit Rock City"
  2. "Cold Gin"
  3. "Strutter"
  4. "Calling Dr. Love"
  5. "Is That You?"
  6. "Firehouse"
  7. "Talk To Me"
  8. "You're All That I Want"
  9. "2000 Man/Ace Solo"
  10. "I Was Made For Loving You"
  11. "New York Groove"
  12. "Love Gun"
  13. "God of Thunder"
  14. "Rock and Roll All Night"

Yet another Kiss bootleg I got in trade. This one is a fabulous show with very low to average sound quality. Although it's not unlistenable, it certainly will never be a frequent player. Unfortunately this disc is also not tracked correctly and only has two songs with tracks 1-9 being track one and tracks 10-14 being track two.

Kiss Auckland 1980 Kiss-Auckland 1980 (cdr)

1. "Opening" (
2. "Cold Gin" (
3. "Strutter" (
4. "Shandi" (
5. "Dr. Love" (
6. "Firehouse" (
7. "Talk To Me" (
8. "Is That You" (
9. "2000 Man" (
10. "Ace Frehley solo"(

11. "I Was Made For Loving You" (
12. "New York Groove" (
13. "Love Gun" (
14. "God of Thunder/Eric Carr solo" (
15. "Rock and Roll All Night" (
16. "Shout It Out Loud" (
17. "King of the Night Time World" (
18. "Black Diamond" (

Killer show with great sound; one of the best KISS boots I have heard so far. Apparently this was Ace Frehley's last show with Kiss. Great artwork to boot. Some of the weaker material from "Dynasty" and "Unmasked" sounds so much better in this live atmosphere, it just goes to prove my point that the biggest flaw in those albums was more the producing than the songwriting.

KISS-DeMontfort Hall, Leichester, England - 10/24/83 (cdr)


  1. "Creatures of the Night"
  2. "Detroit Rock City"
  3. "Cold Gin"
  4. "Fits Like A Glove"
  5. "Firehouse"
  6. "Paul Stanley Solo"
  7. "Exciter"
  8. "War Machine
  9. "Gimme More"
  10. "Vinnie Vincent solo"
  11. "Gene Simmons solo"
  12. "I Love It Loud"
  13. "I Still Love You"
  14. "Eric Carr Solo"
  15. "Young and Wasted


  1. "Love Gun"
  2. "Black Diamond"
  3. "Lick It Up"
  4. "Rock and Roll All Night"


KISS -Detroit, MI-Dec. 8, 1984 (cdr)

  1. "Detroit Rock City"
  2. "Cold Gin"
  3. "Creatures of the Night"
  4. "Fits Like A Glove"
  5. "Heavens On Fire"
  6. "Thrills in the Night"
  7. "Paul Stanley Solo"
  8. "Under the Gun"
  9. "War Machine


  1. "Eric Carr Solo"
  2. "Young and Wasted"
  3. "Gene Simmons Solo"
  4. "I Love It Loud"
  5. "I Still Love You"
  6. "Love Gun"
  7. "Lick It Up"
  8. "Black Diamond"
  9. "Rock and Roll All Night"


Kiss-Houston, TX, Jan. 31, 1985 (cdr)

  1. "Young & Wasted"
  2. "Gene Simmons Bass Solo"
  3. "I Love it Loud"
  4. "I Still Love You"
  5. "War Machine"
  6. "Eric Carr Drum Solo"
  7. "Love Gun"
  8. "Black Diamond"
  9. "Heavens on Fire"
  10. "Paul Stanley Solo"
  11. "Under The Gun"

Excellent show, but unfortunately the cd isn't tracked correctly and the entire disc is one long song. The sound quality is about average for a bootleg. No cover art for this one yet either.

KISS - CHICAGO, IL - JAN. 17, 1986 (cdr)

  1. "Detroit Rock City"
  2. "Fits Like A Glove"
  3. "Cold Gin"
  4. "Uh! All Night"
  5. "Under the Gun"
  6. "Bruce Kulick Solo"
  7. "I Still Love You"
  8. "Gene Simmons Solo"
  9. "I Love It Loud"
  10. "Paul Stanley Solo"


  1. "Tears Are Falling"
  2. "Eric Carr Solo"
  3. "War Machine"
  4. "Love Gun"
  5. "Heaven's On Fire"
  6. "Won't Get Fooled Again"
  7. "Lick It Up"


  1. "Cold Gin"
  2. "I Love It Loud"
  3. "Creatures of the Night"
  4. "Detroit Rock City"
  5. "Lick It Up"
  6. "All Hell's Breaking Loose"
  7. "Million to One"
  8. "Kix Are For Kids"
  9. "When the Bell Rings"
  10. "Boyz Are Gonna Rock"
  11. "Shoot You Full of Love"
  12. "Baby O"
  13. "Black Diamond"

A compilation of studio outtakes (tracks 7-12) and live tracks (tracks 1-6) from when Vinnie Vincent was the guitarist for the band. The live material is of such a poor sound quality, it's not even worth listening to. The studio material is all outtakes from the 'Lick It Up' Sessions. The sound quality on these are not much better but are listenable and an intersting look into the recording process of the band. "Boyz Are Gonna Rock," "Shoot You Full of Love" and "Baby O" eventually showed up on Vinnie Vincent's first solo cd. These two tracks sound like they may have been taken right from the Vinnie Vincent Invasion cd. "Black Diamond" is an interesting demo version that is obviously not from the same session as the earlier "Lick it Up" tracks. There is a major flaw in this cd as it is broken down into only two tracks with the live cuts being track one, studio cuts being track two. I was sort of disappointed in this one.

Nashville 2000 Kiss-Nashville, TN 4/28/00 (cdr)
Recorded Live in Nashville, TN April 28, 2000

1. "Detroit Rock City" (5:26)
2. "Duece" (4:35)
3. "Shout It Out Loud" (4:30)
4. "I Love It Loud" (4:07)
5. "Shock Me" (4:52)
6. "Firehouse" (6:27)
7. "Do You Love Me" (4:41)
8. "Dr. Love" (3:23)
9. "Psycho Circus" (5:59)
10. "Heaven's On Fire" (5:23)
11. "Let Me Go Rock and Roll" (5:54)
12. "2000 Man/Ace solo" (13:39)

13. "Lick It Up" (5:34)
14. "God Of Thunder" (8:32)
15. "Cold Gin" (6:40)
16. "100,000 Years" (8:11)
17. "Love Gun" (6:23)
18. "I Still Love You/Black Diamond" (10:37)
19. "Beth" (2:22)
20. "Rock and Roll All Night" (3:48)
21. "Rock and Roll All Night" (8:56)

Excellent show from the Farewell Tour that sounds like an audience recording. Still, the sound quality isn't too bad, although obviously not of a professional quality. Cover art looks EXACTLY like the Nagoya show, although it is printed on a different color paper. Track #20 is cut, but then the complete version is included in track 21.

Nagoya 2001 Kiss-Nagoya 2001 (cdr bootleg)
Rainbow Hall , Nagoya, Japan, March,18 2001

1. "Opening" (3:31)
2. "Detroit Rock City" (4:30)
3. "Duece" (5:05)
4. "Shout It Out Loud" (3:47)
5. "Talk To Me" (4:27)
6. "I Love It Loud" (3:39)
7. "Firehouse" (5:38)
8. "Do You Love Me" (4:26)
9. "Dr. Love" (3:27)
10. "Heaven's On Fire" (4:53)
11. "Let Me Go Rock and Roll" (6:23)
12. "Paul Stanley/audience sing along" (:58)
13. "Shock Me" (4:43)
14. "Ace Frehley guitar solo" (9:05)
15. "Psycho Circus" (5:20)

16. "Lick It Up" (6:10)
17. "God Of Thunder" (11:57)
18. "Cold Gin" (6:04)
19. "100,000 Years" (9:40)
20. "Love Gun" (4:52)
18. "I Still Love You" (3:13)
21. "Black Diamond" (10:57)
22. "La Bamba" (1:07)
23. "I Was Made For Loving You" (4:49)
24. Medley: "Got to Choose/ Parasite/She/Making Love" (7:34)
25. "Rock and Roll All Night" (6:24)

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, Ace Frehley

Excellent show from the reunion tour. I had heard rumors that Peter Criss had once again left the band, and Kiss were touring without him. This show confirms that rumor, for there is a drum solo featuring Eric Singer, who is also wearing the Catman's make-up (see the photo above). Apparently Peter Criss left because of legal disputes over money as Kiss were offered a large sum of money for touring Australia and Japan. Apparently 'ol Pete's lawyers felt he wasn't getting enough. Anyhow, being that I have seen the band a few times on this reunion tour, I really enjoyed listening to this disc. I wonder why the band did not perform Ace's "Into the Void," as I saw them perform this one in Las Cruces and Albuquerque.

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