German speed/thrash metal!
This is NOT the same Paradox from the US who are a Christian power metal band.

Product of Imagination Paradox-Product of Imagination (Maximum Metal) 1987

1. "Opening Theme" (1:32)
2. "Paradox" (4:13)
3. "Death, Screaming and Pain" (5:07)
4. "Product of Imagination" (7:13)
5. "Continuation of Invasion" -instrumental (2:11)
6. "Mystery" (5:02)
7. "Kill That Beast" (4:24)
8. "Pray to the Godz of Wrath" (4:41)
9. "Beyond Space" (4:48)
10. "Wotan II" (:15)
11. "Paradox" -live (4:17)
12. "Death, Screaming and Pain" -live (4:58)
13. "Execution" -live (3:17)
14. ""Pray to the Godz of Wrath" -demo (5:44)

Remember when Metallica was a highly respected band by just about every metalhead? You remember, before they began being included in an 8 year old child's cd collections with the likes of N'Sync, Britney Spears and Limp Bizcrap. Well, this is exactly what Pradox's debut sounds like, early Metallica. Lots of speedy rhythms, crunchy guitars, double bass and even vocals that echo James Hefield. Of course from reading their bio, it is no wonder since at the time the members of Paradox were sell professed Metallica fanatics. Despite this, since Paradox are a German band, their German roots are sure to show through, and they do, especially on cuts like "Pray to the Godz of Wrath.". They actually write some pretty inventive riffs. So, while Metallica comparisons are inevitable, the band also stands on their own. This re-release features four bonus tracks and a very information packed 16 page booklet.

Heresy Paradox-Heresy (RC Records) 1989

1. "Heresy" (6:51)
2. "Search for Protection" (4:52)
3. "Killtime" (4:26)
4. "Crusaders Revenge" (4:23)
5. "The Burning" (5:22)
6. "Massacre of the Cathars" (4:16)
7. "Serenity" (4:49)
8. "700 Years On" (5:11)
9. "Castle in the Wind" -instrumental (1:29)

Despite the somewhat cheesy cover, 'Heresy' is a skillyfully played thrash concept album. The story is based around the Roman Catholic Crusades of the 13th century. The music is fast to mid-paced, progressive thrash that is very influenced by Metallica. The vocals one the other had are smooth. One thing I really like in the vocals on this album is that the German accent is apparent, not unlike some Kreator or Blackend discs.

Collision Course Paradox-Collision Course (AFM) 2000

1. "Decade of Sorrow" (:55)
2. "Collision Course" (5:15)
3. "Rearrange the Past" (7:46)
4. "Path of Denial" (6:01)
5. "Savior" (6:25)
6. "Blamed for Nothing" (7:19)
7. "Prostitution of Society" (4:52)
8. "Shattered Illusions" (4:37)
9. "Sadness" (6:07)
10. "Overshadowed" (5:05)
11. "Dynamite" (2:57)

A good friend of mine told me several times over the last year that I need to pick this disc up. Man, what took me so long! This is excellet German thrash metal. This particular disc is the bands reunion disc after being gone for 11 years! The only remaining original member Charly Steinhauer(lead vocals/guitar) brings along 3 new members: Kai Pasemann(lead guitar/background voxs), Oliver Holzwarth (bass),and Alex Holzwarth (drums). This new band simply shreds their entire way through this CD and are proof that thrash metal is alive and well, especially in Germany. 'Dynamite' is a Scorpions cover.

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