German metallers! The Scorpions are one of Germany's biggest successes. Early incarnations of the band included Michael Schenker on guitar. Of course it wasn't until after he was long gone that the band hit commercial success. I use to own all of their albums on vinyl, and have only recently begun building up a decent collection again. This page is definitely a work in progress.

Lonesome Crow Scorpions-Lonesome Crow (Rhino) 1972

1."I'm Goin' Mad" (4:52)
2."It All Depends" (3:23)
3."Leave Me" (5:02)
4."In Search of the Piece of Mind" (4:56)
5."Inheritance" (4:37)
6."Action" (3:53)
7."Lonesome Crow" (13:29)

The Scorpion's first album features guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker as a full-time band member. That being said, however, this is not the mighty metal album you might expect. Rather, what "Lonesome Crow" is a 70's psychedelic trip. Very strange (or trippy) hearing this and comparing it to almost everything else the band has done.

The Back to Black Collection Fly to the Rainbow In Trance Virgin Killer
Scorpions-The Back to Black Collection-In Trance/Virgin Killer/Fly to the Rainbow
(Axe Killer) 1975/76/74

In Trance
1."Dark Lady" (3:25)
2."In Trance" (4:44)
3."Life's Like a River" (3:48)
4."Top of the Bill" (3:25)
5."Living and Dying" (3:19)
6."Robot Man" (2:42)
7."Evening Wind" (5:01)
8."Sun in My Hand" (4:21)
9."Longing for Fire" (2:42)
10."Night Lights" (3:13)

Fly to the Rainbow
11."Speedy's Coming" (3:33)
12."They Need a Million" (4:50)
13."Drifting Sun" (7:40)

Virgin Killer
1."Pictured Life" (3:21)
2."Catch Your Train" (3:32)
3."In Your Park" (3:39)
4."Backstage Queen" (3:10)
5."Virgin Killer" (3:41)
6."Hell-Cat" (2:54)
7."Crying Days" (4:36)
8."Polar Nights" (5:04)
9."Yellow Raven" (4:58)

Fly to the Rainbow
10."Fly People Fly" (5:02)
11. This is My Song" (4:14)
12."Far Away" (5:39)
13."Fly to the Rainbow" (9:32)

This is an awesome two cd Italian import that comes in a hardbound black book. The front cover features a silver foil stamp of the "Virgin Killer" girl and the Scorpions logo (poorly scanned above). Inside the hardcover binding there is a 28 page book that includes all the original cover art (pictured above) plus a commentary written in both English and Italian as well as all the lyrics. Actually both the "In Trance" and "Virgin Killer" covers were banned in the U.S. (with good reason on "Virgin Killer") The "Virgin Killer" pictured above has been censored by myself as I do not support child porn and because my web server (Tripod) does not permit nudity at all. The "In Trance" pictured above is slightly different than the one in this package as well. The cover art in this import shows the ladies breast. The cd also features the original mixes from both albums plus, as bonus tracks, the complete "Fly to the Rainbow" album. The cds themselves are picture discs with the actual covers printed in full color on the discs as well. Great package, vintage metal music.

Taken By Force Scorpions-Taken by Force (RCA) 1977

1. "Steamrock Fever" (3:39)
2. "We'll Burn the Sky" (6:29)
3. "I've Got to be Free" (4:02)
4. "The Riot of Your Time" (4:12)
5. "The Sails of Charon" (5:14)
6. "Your Light" (4:31)
7. "He's a Woman - She's a Man" (3:16)
8. "Born to Touch Your Feelings" (7:42)

Why is it that some of the greatest albums are the hardest to find. Geez, this disc should be in every stinking cd store as it is one of the Scorpions best early albums, if not the best. Check out these great song titles: "Steamrock Fever", "The Sails of Charon" (covered by Testament & Yngwie Malmsteen), "He's a Woman - She's a Man" (covered by Helstar & Helloween), "We'll Burn the Sky", "Born to Touch Your Feelings." Not a bad song on this one. Actually "Steamrock Fever" sounds a bit closer to the bands 80's sound than anything they had done previously. Had to utilize my German connection to find this one. I'm not even sure if this one was ever pressed to disc in the U.S. Germany has all the good metal! The Japanese version has a different cover, although it is not any better than this one in my opinion.

Tokyo Tapes Scorpions-Tokyo Tapes (EMI) 1978

1. "All Night Long" (3:35)
2. "Pictured Life" (3:23)
3. "Backstage Queen" (3:34)
4. "In Trance" (5:29)
5. "We'll Burn the Sky" (8:39)
6. "Suspender Love" (3:13)
7. "In Search of the Peace of Mind" (3:02)
8. "Fly to the Rainbow" (9:45)
9. "He's a Woman, She's a Man" (5:28)
10. "Speedy's Coming" (3:37)
11. "Top of the Bill/drum solo" (6:44)
12. "Hound Dog" (1:18)
13. "Long Tall Sally" (2:47)
14. "Steamrock Fever" (3:45)
15. "Dark Lady" (4:35)
16. "Kojo No Tsuki" (3:20)
17. "Robot Man" (5:49)

I knew that a classic like this wouldn't stay out of print forever. Usually when killer albums like this disappear it means that it will be re-released, usually with newly remastered sound and updated graphics and photos. Well, that certainly is the case with this 1978 heavy metal classic. The cd has an excellent full color, 8-page insert with nicely written liner notes and plenty of live photos. The re-release has one slight drawback, in that the track "Polar Nights" has been deleted to fit the double album set on one CD. Lucky for me I have friends in high places that can burn me a copy of the missing tracks on a separated cdr. Following in the footsteps of the illustrious "Made in Japan" by Deep Purple, the Scorpions manage to bring together some of their best material from the 70's era and make them sound even better than the originals. The mix is a bit more raw giving the tracks a heavier feel. Also similar to Deep Purple is the band takes the songs and changes the arrangements around a bit, adding in more jams. "Fly to the Rainbow" is a perfect example of this. Most glaring deletion from this live set is "Virgin Killer" which apparently was not included as part of this show. Funnist moment on this disc is hearing the heavy German accent on the short Elvis interlude, "jew aint nothing but a houndog." This particular copy is German. As far as I know this disc is still unaavailable in the U.S. Thanks James for the hook up.

Polar Nights Scorpions-Polar Nights (cdr compilation)

1. "Polar Nights" -live (6:58)
2. "In Trance" -live (4:12)
3. "Coast to Coast" -live (4:54)
4. "I Can't Explain" (3:24)
5. "Over the Top" (4:25)
6. "Life Goes Around" (3:42)

The same cd trader that hooked me up with the German version of 'Tokyo Tapes' also hooked me up with this cdr compilation featuring the missing track from the "Tokyo Tapes" re-issue and several other rarities from 'Deadly Sting.' He even created a nice cover inside and out to go along with it. Not much else to say but thanks again James.

LovedriveLovedrive Scorpions-Lovedrive (Mercury) 1979

1."Loving You Sunday Morning" (5:40)
2."Another Piece of Meat" (3:31)
3."Always Somewhere" (4:57)
4."Coast to Coast"-instrumental (4:44)
5."Can't Get Enough" (2:37)
6."Is There Anybody There?" (3:58)
7."Lovedrive" (4:52)
8."Holiday" (6:33)

OK, this is not really a new addition. I've had "Lovedrive" for a long time but I got rid of the "censored" American version and replaced it with the recently remastered version that has both covers. Depending on how you fold the cover, either can be shown in the jewel case. The original cover art was censored in America. The cover pictured above with the blue Scorpion is the censored version. The mastering on this disc is superior to the original as well. The recording volume alone is noticebly louder on the remaster.

"Lovedrive" is a GREAT album! Not a bad song in the lot, although "Is Anybody There?" is a bit wierd with an almost reggae sound. This album is where the Scorpions really started to take on their classic 80's sound. This was partially due to Uli Jon Roth quiting the group and Rudolf Schenker, Michael Schenker, Mathias Jabs completely taking over the reigns. Of course, egomaniac Micheal Schenker's stay would be short.

Animal Magnatism Scorpions-Animal Magnetism (Mercury) 1980

1. "Make It Real" (3:49)
2. "Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep)" (2:57)
3. "Hold Me Tight" (3:58)
4. "Twentieth Century Man" (3:02)
5. "Lady Starlight" (6:15)
6. "Falling in Love" (4:10)
7. "Only a Man" (3:34)
8. "Zoo" (5:28)
9. "Animal Magnetism" (5:57)

One of the last discs that the Scorpions would release before becoming an arena metal band. Old school metal heads like myself cannot help but begin to headband to the likes of "Zoo." Cha-chunk, cha-chunk, cha-chunk!

Blackout Scorpions-Blackout (Mercury) 1982

1. "Blackout" (3:47)
2. "Can't Live Without You" (3:46)
3. "No One Like You" (3:56)
4. "You Give Me All I Need" (3:38)
5. "Now!" (2:33)
6. "Dynamite" (4:12)
7. "Arizona" (3:52)
8. "China White" (6:56)
9. "When the Smoke Is Going Down" (3:49)

Blackout was the Scorpions' first majorly successful album, due to the crossover to pop metal mixed with the Scopions long time use of the power ballad. Still "Blackout" is undeniable heavy metal. Just listen to the riffs on "Dynamite," and the mid paced "No One Like You." Vocalist Klaus Meine had a throat operation prior the record's release, and surprisingly, his voice sounds more melodic and lively than ever. Guitarists Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs sound more aggressive and energietic than any past Scorpions album, including those with Micheal Schenker. OK, maybe this was the beginning of a downward slid to pop-land, but I still think this is one heck of a molten platter. When I started looking to replace my Scorpions albums, this was the first one I went looking for.

'Dynamite' has been covered by Paradox.

Scorpions-World Wide Live (Mercury)1985

1."Countdown"-instrumental (0:44)
2."Coming Home" (3:17)
3."Blackout" (4:04)
4."Bad Boys Running Wild" (3:52)
5."Loving You Sunday Morning" (4:41)
6."Make it Real" (3:49)
7."Big City Nights" (4:58)
8."Coast to Coast"-instrumental (5:13)
9."Holiday" (3:23)
10."Still Loving You" (5:49)
11."Rock You Like A Hurricane" (4:15)
12."Can't Live Without You" (5:32)
14."The Zoo" (5:55)
15."No One Like You" (4:09)
16."Dynamite" (7:14)

I love live albums, it shows what bands are made of. They usually also beef up the songs, making them more raw and biting. The Scorps "World Wide Live" is no exception. This is an INCREDIBLE set of songs, performed without a single flaw! Unfortunately, this copy omits FOUR songs off the original album. Why the heck would they do that? Omitted are: "Can't Get Enough (part I)" (2:16), "Six String Sting" (4:15), "Can't Get Enough (part II)" (1:54) , and "Another Piece of Meat" (3:46). The remastered version has all the songs, so eventually I will have to get that one.

Crazy World Scorpions-Crazy World (Mercury) 1990

1. "Tease Me, Please Me" (4:44)
2. "Don't Believe Her" (4:55)
3. "To Be with You in Heaven" (4:48)
4. "Wind of Change" (5:10)
5. "Restless Nights" (5:44)
6. "Lust or Love" (4:22)
7. "Kicks After Six" (3:49)
8. "Hit Between the Eyes" (4:33)
9. "Money and Fame" (5:06)
10. "Crazy World" (5:08)
10. "Send Me an Angel" (4:34)

"Crazy World" was the Scorpions attempt to get back to their heavy metal roots a bit. While it is far from my favorite Scorpions disc, the songs remain melodic and catchy. "Wind of Change" is probably one of the band's best slow songs. One thing is for sure, of their 1990's discs, this one stands up above the rest.

Face the Heat Scorpions-Face the Heat (Mercury) 1993

1. "Alien Nation" (5:44)
2. "No Pain, No Gain" (3:55)
3. "Someone to Touch" (4:28)
4. "Under the Same Sun" (4:52)
5. "Lliance" (5:16)
6. "Woman" (5:56)
7. "Hate to Be Nice" (4:30)
8. "Taxman Woman" (4:30)
9. "Ship of Fools" (4:15)
10. "Nightmare Avenue" (3:54)
11. "Lonely Nights" (4:44)
12. "Destiny" (3:17)
13. "Daddy's Girl" (4:17)

A friend gave me this German import because he didn't care for it. This is probably not the Scorps best album, but it certainly isn't bad either. The two bonus tracks that came on this import are boring. Oh, I probably should mention that this album was produced by Bruce Fairbairn, who has also produced for AC/DC, Yes, Aerosmith and several other legendary artists.

Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years Scorpions-Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years (Mercury) 1997

1. "Loving You Sunday Morning" (5:36)
2. "Lovedrive" (4:51)
3. "Holiday" (6:47)
4. "Make It Real" (3:50)
5. "Zoo" (5:29)
6. "Blackout" (3:48)
7. "Can't Live Without You" (3:45)
8. "No One Like You" (3:56)
9. "China White" (6:57)
10. "Dynamite" (4:12)
11. "Bad Boys Running Wild" (3:55)
12. "Rock You Like a Hurricane" (4:12)
13. "Coming Home" (4:49)
14. "Big City Nights" (4:09)
15. "Still Loving You" (6:27)
16. "Coast to Coast" -live (4:52)
17. "Don't Stop at the Top" (4:03)
18. "Rhythm of Love" (3:48)
19. "Passion Rules the Game" (3:59)
20. "Walking on the Edge" (5:08)
21. "Believe in Love" (5:23)
22. "I Can't Explain" (3:21)
23. "Tease Me, Please Me" (4:44)
24. "Don't Believe Her" (4:55)
25. "Wind of Change" (5:12)
26. "Hit Between the Eyes" (4:35)
27. "Send Me an Angel" (4:33)
28. "Alien Nation" (5:44)
29. "Under the Same Sun" (4:52)
30. "Woman" (5:56)
31. "In Trance" -live (4:19)
32. "Over the Top" (4:24)
33. "Life Goes Around" (3:41)

"Deadly Sting" is a well thought out compilation that has the songs laid out chronologically from 1979 to 1995, thus covering the years in which the band enjoyed their most commercial success. The two disc collection features two unreleased tracks and a cover of the Who's "I Can't Explain." Of course all the favorites are here as well: "Loving You Sunday Morning," "The Zoo," "Blackout," "No One Like You," "Big City Nights," "Still Loving You," "Rock You Like a Hurricane," "Rhythm of Love," "Wind of Change," and "Don't Believe Her." I found this disc for $5.99 and it was well worth it since I obviously have huge holes in my Scorpions collection after "Blackout."

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