Poundhound is a solo project of King's X bassist/vocalist/songwriter Doug Pinnick. Doug also recorded a disc with Trouble's Bruce Franklin called Supershine.

Massive Grooves...
Poundhound-Massive Grooves from the Electric Church of Psychofunkadelic Rock Music
(Metal Blade)

1.   "Rev" (:21)
2.   "Jangle" (3:02)
3.   "Shake" (3:44)
4.   "Music" (3:14)
5.   "Love" (3:34)
6.   "Darker" (3:10)
7.   "Friends" (4:09)
8.   "Soul" (2:57)
9.   "Supersalad" (3:39)
10. "Psycholove" (2:37)
11. "Blindeye" (2:47)
12. "Red" (4:04)
13. "Hey" (5:33)
14. "River" (1:12)

This is a FABULOUS King's X, err, I mean Doug Pinnick solo disc. Seriously, I think Doug put all his good ideas into this album and the rest went into King's X "Tape Head." There are some seriously heavy songs ("Shake," "Darker") on this disc as well as some cool riffs and an almost Jimi Hendrix experimental feel. The whole disc smokes! The rest of the King's X guys make appearances in one way of another as well. Jerry Gaskill does some drum work and the disc is mastered by Ty Tabor. Catchy album title to boot.

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