Roland Grapow
Roland Grapow is most known as the guitarist for Helloween. He joined the
band in 1988 and has been with them ever since. However, he has also
released a couple of solo albums.

Four Seasons Roland Grapow-The Four Seasons of Life (Snapper) 1997

1. "Prelude No. 1 [Presto]" -instrumental (1:31)
2. "The Winner" (5:51)
3. "No More Disguise" (4:42)
4. "Show Me the Way" (3:45)
5. "I Remember" (4:33)
6. "Dedicated to...?" -instrumental (4:33)
7. "Searching for Solutions" (4:43)
8. "Strange Friend" (5:35)
9. "Bread of Chasity" (4:56)
10. "The 4 Seasons of Life" (9:30)
11. "Finale: De Souvenir" -instrumental (1:06)

When this cd first arrived in the mail from a cd trader friend of mine, I did not immediately recognize the name, despite being a long time Helloween fan. Anyhow, almost immediately upon playing the cd I recognized the guitar playing and then the face. 'The Four Seasons of Life' has a very distinct Helloween style, although it is a bit more on the flashy Yngwie Malmsteen side than the more straight forward heavy metal style that Helloween helped perfect. The difference in this and many flashy guitar solo projects is that the Roland writes good songs, rather than just something to show off his guitar playing abilities over. This is an outstanding disc, easily better than some of Helloween's late 80's discs and at least as good as the rest.

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