OK, so shoot me I own a rap album. I use to own a lot more.

Raising Hell Run-DMC-Raising Hell (Arista)

1.   "Peter Piper" (3:25)
2.   "It's Tricky" (3:03)
3.   "My Adidas" (2:47)
4.   "Walk This Way" (5:11)
5.   "Is It Live" (3:06)
6.   "Perfection" (2:52)
7.   "Hit It Run" (3:10)
8.   "Raising Hell" (5:31)
9.   "You Be Illin'" (3:26)
10. "Dumb Girl" (3:31)
11. "Son Of Byford" (:27)
12. "Proud To Be Black" (3:14)

Steven and RUN DMC

If you have seen my Aerosmith page, you already know why I own this album. Run-DMC's rap version of Aerosmith's "Walk this Way" is fabulous. The song features Aerosmith's Steven Tyler doing some vocals and Joe Perry on guitar. This song and the video, which was a big MTV hit, helped put Aerosmith back on the map shortly after reforming with all their original members. The rest of "Raising Hell" ain't bad either.

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