Behaviour Saga-Behaviour (Portrait) 1985

1. Listen to Your Heart (3:56)
2. Take a Chance (3:54)
3. What Do I Know (3:40)
4. Misbehaviour (4:04)
5. Nine Lives of Miss MIDI (1:17)
6. You and the Night (5:16)
7. Out of the Shadows (4:48)
8. Easy Way Out (3:59)
9. Promises (4:12)
10. Here I Am (3:34)
11. (Goodbye) Once Upont a Time (6:38)

Well this was a nice surprise. A generous cd trader sent me this disc and 'Silent Knight' for free. The disc itself has seen better days, but plays perfect and with a little clean-up doesn't even look too bad. The music contained herein is usually labeled 'progressive rock.' 'Prog-rock' runs the gamut from dark, almost gothic sounds or Pink Floyd or early Genesis to more light, airy, pop sounds of Asia. This particular album has more in common with Asia than the aforementioned. The music is saturated with keyboards that have a tone I would describe as happy, rather than dark. Nevertheless, a good disc if I am in just the right mood.

Silent Knight Saga-Silent Knight (Maze) 1987

1. "Don't Be Late (Chapter Two)" (6:02)
2. "What's it Gonna Be?" (4:27)
3. "Time to Go" (4:20)
4. "Compromise" (3:20)
5. "Too Much to Lose (Chapter Seven)" (4:38)
6. "Help Me Out" (5:50)
7. "Someone Should" (4:06)
8. "Careful Where You Step" (4:18)

I got this disc the same day I got 'Behaviour.' Of the two, 'Behaviour' is better, although there are two standout cuts on this disc in the album opener 'Don't Be Late' and album closer 'Careful Where You Step.' This disc also sports a much cooler cover, although I bet it was even better on a record sleeve.

Security of Illusion Saga-Security of Illusion (Avalanche) 1993

1. "Entracte" -instrumental (1:00)
2. "Mind Over Matter" (4:40)
3. "Once is Never Enough" (5:27)
4. "Alone Again Tonight" (4:16)
5. "I'll Leave it in Your Hands" (4:41)
6. "The Security of Illusion" (5:46)
7. "Stand Up" (4:22)
8. "Days Like These" (4:48)
9. "Voila!" -instrumental (1:42)
10. "No Man's Land" (5:20)
11. "Without You" (6:26)

This is now my fourth Saga cd and I think I have paid a total of $1 for the whole collection. The first three were all given to me as gifts, and this album I found in the bargain bin for 99¢. Well, as with the others, this was quite the pleasant surprise as I enjoyed listening to it from beginning to end. Unlike the others, however, this disc is not keyboard saturated pop, nor even progressive rock, but melodic hard rock. There are a few slow songs that are a bit boring, but overall, this is a surprisingly good AOR album.

Unseen Forces Saga-House of Cards (SPV) 2001

1. "God Knows" (5:30)
2. "The Runaway" (5:38)
3. "Always There" (3:53)
4. "Ashes to Ashes" (5:06)
5. "Once in a Lifetime" (4:22)
6. "So Good So Far" (5:02)
7. "Only Human" (4:20)
8. "That's How We Like It!" (4:53)
9. "Watching the Clock" -instrumental (1:37)
10. "We'll Meet Again" (5:59)
11. "Money Talks" (4:09)
12. "House of Cards" (4:23)

Saga is a band that for some odd reason I never got into. They are originally from Canada and were part of the progressive rock movement that Rush was leading in the late 70's. In any case a friend gave me this disc because "it's not heavy enough." OK, free cds are cool. I will check anything out once, if I like it I keep it, if not I can always trade it off. Well all I can say is that I obviously missed out on some great music if this disc is any indication of what the band has done in the past. Upon hearing this disc for the first time I tried to think of who they reminded me of. I know it's always cheesy to compare one band to another but the best way I can describe this disc is Asia meets Rush with a bit of Genesis thrown in to boot. Seriously, this cd is a throwback to the heyday of progressive rock. Have not had the chance to totally investigate the lyrics but I have read that this band has been known to write interesting lyrics as well. Also, the cover is one of the coolest I have seen in a while. I dig the sci-fi look. Will have to check out some more of this band's music.

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